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Need help on a sighting!!!
Post by Noah on Dec 13th, 2003, 4:19pm

I need some help. I received this report via email, I don't have permission to post it to the website yet, but did tell the person I'd be asking around to see if anyone else is familiar with this type of thing. I have never heard a report like this and am not sure what to make of it, if its a UFO or maybe government testing or meteors or what. If anyone has any ideas please respond and I'll let the witness know. Thanks!


---Email below received 12/13/03 ---

Hello, I live in a small town in Iowa. I have read a report on this web site that was said to be around the Cherokee Iowa area. Last evening my 6 year old daughter and myself were returning home from Cherokee Iowa and saw things that I cannot begin to explain.
It was around 8pm and I was heading South when just above my natural line of vision we saw what I can only describe as explosive lights. First there were 3 "explosions" and each light burst being a melon/orange color stayed in the brightly lit, "explosive" state for nearly a minute before instantly "turning off" leaving millions, and I do mean millions of twinkling silver spheres in their place. As I turned on my home road about 2 minutes after the 1st "lighting" there were 2 more "explosions" of the same light in the same areas. At 1st thought I naturally believed I was witnessing a spectacular meteor shower of some sort, but as the 2nd and 3rd and then 4th and 5th "explosions" of light occurred all in a horizontal straight line, I realized it was not. If I were to describe the size of the light bursts fully lit, much larger than my home, maybe 1000 feet off the horizon. I am not a good judge of altitude. To describe the twinkling spheres after the initial prolonged light "explosions", 4th of July sparklers by the millions, bright silver and amazing. I guess my question is this, I've always read reports of UFO's being white lighted or dome shaped or up close enough for persons to see the actual craft. I have no explanation of what I saw and have never seen anything like this or even this color. I was extremely terrified by their sizes and how quickly they came and how they all of a sudden just "turned off", am I hoping for something that wasn't there or could this be explained as an actual UFO sighting?
I should add that as I stopped to stare at the lights there was absolutely no sound, as the thought of an airplane breaking apart crossed my mind for a moment until I noticed there was nothing shooting off of or falling from the light explosions.
Any suggestions or answers or similar sighting stories would be very appreciated as I am fearful now of seeing it again.
Thank you
Re: Need help on a sighting!!!
Post by TruBeleiverM12 on Aug 27th, 2005, 3:31pm

well i can tell u it wouldn't be a meteor shower cuz what this witness is explaning just wouldn't happen in a shower so that eliminates one posibility but i can't speak for the other two
Re: Need help on a sighting!!!
Post by mothman1966 on Apr 2nd, 2007, 3:31pm

mabye, like many other sightings it was the same thing where the viewer would walk out side and the object would immeditly turn off or disapear as if it knew you where watching. i also think this is a real sighting because almost every report ive read the viewer discribed hearing no sounds.

p.s. did the view see it more then once, and mabye it would help by useing the window theory, and trying to go out at the same time on the same day like, the 4th at 8:00 and mabye seeing it again. hope that helped some smiley

p.s.s. i dought it was goverment testing, because im guessing that if the goverment was testing explosives they would probably do it in a bombing range, and the only testing of a vhicle like that ive ever heared of is the AURO-CAR which after millions of dollars failed and only hovered 5 feet then went out of control.