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Pres. Candidate calls for open disclosure on ETs
Post by jenny on Jan 26th, 2004, 6:32pm


Presidential Candidate Calls for Open Disclosure on U.S. Involvement with Extraterrestrial Frontier
Sterling D. Allan calls for U.S. government to come clean with the American People about the extent of their interaction with extraterrestrial visitors, and to involve the citizens in the dialogue about how to respond to our stellar neighbors.

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Jan. 24, 2004


"Any thinking person can see that the U.S. government conceals the extent of its knowledge about and involvement with extraterrestrial visitors to this planet."

So says independent, write-in Presidential candidate, Sterling D. Allan, who promises he will stop the government's hiding of this information from the public if he is elected president.

Worlds Without End - photo taken by Hubble Telescope (NASA)

"Area 51 is probably the most well known secret on the planet. Who does the Government think it is fooling when they deny that the facility even exists? That's like the president of Egypt saying the pyramids do not exist."

"If what they are doing there and other locations is beyond the pale of human ethics, then it must be cleaned up."

The Roper Poll, conducted in Sept. 2002 of over 1000 adults chosen randomly, showed that the vast majority of Americans believe in life elsewhere in the universe, and that they are generally excited at the thought of learning more about their closest neighbors in nearby star systems. The poll also shows decidedly that the majority of Americans are convinced that the government knows far more than it is telling. Close to half believe some extraterrestrials have visited our planet, and that it is probable that they have communicated with U.S. leaders. (www.scifi.com/ufo/roper)

Space Shuttle view of nightlights across U.S. (NASA)

"The secrecy is an assault to human dignity, treating the populace of the nation and the world as if they are unable or unworthy to know what is going on with such weighty matters," says Allan.

He not only believes that the government is withholding information about the extent of its knowledge, but also that the government of the United States and other nations have actually formed compacts with certain extraterrestrial visitors, including such terms as trading of technology for rights to minerals as well as abductions for research or needed genetic material.

"They [the U.S. leadership] are behaving like dictators in this regard, acting outside of the knowledge and wishes of those who elected them," says Allan.

The Constitution calls for treaties to be made with the consent of Congress, and for such records to be a matter of public disclosure.

"They are not only violating basic human rights by granting such terms to these extraterrestrials, but they are acting contrary to the Constitution that they are sworn to uphold."

"We are not a bunch of imbeciles or sheep who cannot think or handle heavy matters. It is time for the United States government to come clean, admit to its violation of the Constitution in this regard, as well as its errors in allowing unethical practices to take place."

Allan proposes that there are many Americans who would willfully participate in extraterrestrial experiments, and that abductions against a person's will are completely unnecessary and should be defied.

"If there are extraterrestrials who would threaten to annihilate us if we do not give them what they demand, then as sure as there is a God, there are also sure to be extraterrestrials who will come to our aid if we do not wish to comply with terms with which we do not agree."

"It is a coward who acquiesces in the face of a greater power when we have God as our protector -- if we deserve his protection."

Allan says that the most pressing need for this country is to return to the moorings of individual uprightness and responsibility.

"Extraterrestrials should not be feared, they should be welcomed, if they come in peace. Think of what the world gained when it expanded to America once the barrier of the ocean was surmounted."

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Re: Pres. Candidate calls for open disclosure on E
Post by jenny on Jan 26th, 2004, 6:33pm

Allan thinks that crop circles, "at least the ones that are not clever fabrications by pranksters," are likely creation of extraterrestrials seeking to communicate with us on a global scale.


"We live on the threshold of a new frontier. Such a thrill should not be limited to just the 'elite' who keep that information from others. It should be shared by all."

Allan is in process of forming a non-profit company that will be developing alternative energy technologies that tap into what he refers to as the "vast reservoir of inexhaustible energy that surrounds us, spoken of by Tesla and other great scientists of days past as well as present." Allan says that "some of these technologies tap into counter-gravity as well."

Not only does Allan look at extraterrestrial visits here as an obvious fact, but he says, "it is conceivable that within five to ten years we could have commercial flights to the moon that take ten minutes. A trip to Mars would take a day or so."

Allan is also in favor of forming a world government "but not based on socialism, which tends to be the thrust of the U.N., but one based on principles of freedom, with checks and balances on power."

It is this body that he believes should be given power by virtue of representative government, to form treaties with extraterrestrial beings.

In December of 2001, Allan founded a world body (http://www.rsicc.org) to begin forging the documents that would comprise the constitution of a world government based on principles of freedom. He used the declaration of principles of that organization as his platform for his present run for the U.S. presidency.

Allan also is supportive of a quest for colonization of the moon and of Mars, "once technologies are in place for economical travel to and from." His reasons are not just to satisfy mankind's quest for a new frontier, but have thoughts of survival contingencies as well.

"The earth's geological record shows that the earth's poles have shifted many times. The recent mega cycle that the sun is exhibiting, as well as the recent activity of the Yellowstone super volcano, among other mega earth changes, bespeak the likelihood of a major calamity awaiting our planet. Biblical and other holy writings point to a time of great upheaval on earth."

Allan thinks that colonization's on the moon and on Mars "could help preserve mankind through these massive cleansings."

"However," he is quick to add, "individual uprightness before God should never be overlooked as the most important protection for spiritual survival."

Allan views the coming calamities as a "baptism of fire akin to the baptism of water at the time of the great flood, during which Noah and his family were sequestered safely, to then repopulate the earth."

However, this time around, Allan "[hopes] there will be a great many who will survive, to form the nexus of an ideal society that has learned from the mistakes of the past."

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Re: Pres. Candidate calls for open disclosure on E
Post by jenny on Jan 26th, 2004, 6:34pm

"Like with the flood, we may be called upon to take our entire way of living with us, so as to be able to return and re-seed the earth."

"When we return, will be build a garden of Eden, or will the earth become another Mars?"

Allan believes that if mankind can work together, we could preserve the entire civilization, and in so doing evoke an era of peace and harmony by our common goal of preserving one another through the coming earth changes -- some of which we have brought about ourselves through the way we have treated our mother earth with abject disregard for so long.

Many prophecies, perhaps the most obvious of which is the Mayan calendar, point to the year 2012 as being when the pole shift takes place.

"Had more people listened to Noah, there could have been far more than just eight people on that boat that took him 120 years to build."

"If we pull together as a civilization, and stop all the aristocracy and secrecy, and pool our resources, we could do it in the short span of time we are allotted; and when we return, we could build the ideal society dreamed of by poets and prophets down through time."

As part of this ideal society, Allan believes that "ancient cities that were taken from the earth will return, such as the cities of Enoch and of Mechizedek."

"These are not extraterrestrials in the traditional sense of the word that implies foreigners. Rather, they are former inhabitants of this planet who come back to dwell with us in peace, once we get our act together."

"Could it be, that at least some of these extraterrestrials are our own progeny from many eons hence, time traveling to help us set the course properly?"

In all of this, Allan is sure that a basic rule of the universe must not be violated -- free will.

"The choice is ours," he says.

"Will we use these new technologies that are emerging, to blow each other off the planet, or to help preserve life, including possibly the ability to lift ourselves as a team above the earth as it undergoes its baptism of fire?"

"Some may be able to stay on the earth proper and survive, having underground concrete bunkers and such, but the more safe place would be to be lifted up above the clouds."

"Perhaps the 'rapture' is something we create together by working together in an unprecedented way."

"At the heart of this choice is a decision each individual needs to make to turn his heart to God, and to seek for a mighty change; or the change that takes place externally will be to annihilation, not rebirth."

"Surely some of the the extraterrestrials who are visiting here have knowledge and skills that can help us survive what is coming. If they are our progeny come back through time to seek to influence this era of time to influence their outcome for better, can you blame some of them for perhaps being less than friendly when they resort to methods of selfish self-preservation as they see the human condition at present that is so unlikely to change the outcome that their present miserable condition entails? And if they seem cold and almost lifeless, perhaps that is a condition we created for them because we didn't change for the better."

"It's not too late to change that," he says. "Let's do it -- by the grace of God. As an act of our free will, let's forge a better future."

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