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Aliens among us? Some residents report strange lig
Post by Noah on Oct 21st, 2003, 05:53am

This was published in a central Ohio newspaper over the weekend.

Aliens among us? Some residents report strange lights

Gazette Staff Writer

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

It's a ... UFO?

Local residents reported an Unidentified Flying Object Friday night while attending a Unioto football game. An unexplainable series of lights lit up the night sky according to Lonnie Caplinger and his son Bruce.

"I couldn't believe it," Bruce said. "It was too weird. It just makes you wonder what's going on out there."

According to Bruce, he just happened to be looking up at the sky when he saw two bright lights that appeared to be moving toward him.

"Then of all of sudden, a third one appeared, then a fourth one, almost like a tear drop dropping out of the other one," he said. "They were in a horizontal line, four bright lights. Then they slowly turned orange and just disappeared."

Bruce said the Friday night sighting was almost identical to what he saw seven years ago, a reporting of strange lights in the sky which was recorded by a Ross County man and then broadcast on Channel 10 News.

"Coincidentally it was in the same area," Bruce said, "and at the same time of year."

But as Lonnie pointed out, what happened after the Friday sighting was far from comparable.

According to Lonnie, about 20 minutes after he witnessed the third series of lights, which happened in a period of 12 to 13 minutes, he saw what he thought were two fighter planes circling the area.

"Evidently they were from Wright Patterson (Air Force Base)," he said. "They came at a high rate of speed. They circled the area for several minutes and left."

Lonnie said the series of unidentified lights almost looked like a plane with four lights strung across the wing.

"But if it was a plane it was huge, huge, huge," he said.

Friday's night sighting was the third reported locally since 1986, when Barbara Herrnstein witnessed inexplicable lights during a session of stargazing.

According to Crystal Lavadour, from the office of public affairs of Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, there were no reports of strange lights Friday evening, and no calls were reported locally according to the Ross County Sheriff's office.

Lonnie stands behind his allegation. Unexplainable or not, what he witnessed at a Friday night football game was real, he said, and perhaps ... alive.

"I believe there are other life forms," he said. "There are too many strange things that can't be explained."

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Originally published Sunday, October 19, 2003