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xx Houston resident busy researching sightings. . .
« Thread started on: Feb 8th, 2004, 6:51pm »

Houston resident busy researching sightings in the sky

by Paul Strickland, Citizen staff

©Prince George Citizen newspaper
Saturday, February 7, 2004.

A Houston man who researches celestial phenomena says a number of unexplained objects have appeared in the night sky over Prince George and the Northern Interior in recent years.

Brian Vike hopes local residents will phone his toll-free line, 1-866-262-1989, to report any unusual sightings.

Vike owns and operates HBCC UFO Research (HBCC stands for Houston, British Columbia, Canada), which he established in 2000. He says the number of
reports of unexplained night-sky phenomena has increased dramatically since 2002.

"There is no doubt something is happening in our skies", he said. "Particularly in the last two months there have been a lot of strange things."

Vike said a Prince George resident reported a red ball of light just west of the city Jan.30 around 9.30 p.m.
"The first time it rose from behind trees, and then it moved to the west and hovered above the trees," he said.

"Afterwards it jumped higher quite suddenly, took off for the west, and made a curving motion. "She said that, being so close, they thought it may be a helicopter but it made no noise." Vike says. Another resident called around the same time to report exactly the same
phenomena, he added.

Other Prince George residents saw a ball of light over the industrial area east of the downtown core, the evening of January 29th. "It flew over and split in two," Vike said. "Each part went in a different direction".

This week a city resident near First and Tabor told The Citizen she and four friends saw two orange objects in the northern sky, January 31st around 10.p.m. After five or 10 minutes they moved lightly apart, one more slowly than the other. The first one disappeared fairly quickly into clouds afterwards, while the other moved out more slowly and faded off.

Above a month and a half ago, Prince George residents phoned about a possible meteor, Vike said. "It was a real good fireball streaking across the sky just west of Prince," he said. "It was blue and left a long bright
trail behind it. It lit up quite an area as it travelled through."

Another incident occurred in the city about a month ago. A resident was standing by the Future Shop, looking west just after the sky had turned dark. For two minutes the resident saw a large flame, such as from a jet afterburn, but they didn't see any aircraft anywhere.

Last Fall, a Quesnel resident driving north towards Prince George saw an oval shaped light from highway 97 between the two communities.

"In the last while dozens of people in Prince George have seen unusual phenomena," he said.

Reports of sightings may be faxed to Vike at 250 845 2189 or email to

Thank you to the Prince George Citizen Newspaper.
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