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xx Nessie-hunter explains away 'mystery' creature
« Thread started on: Jan 16th, 2004, 7:37pm »

Nessie-hunter explains away 'mystery' creature

NESSIE-HUNTER Steve Feltham believes he has solved one mystery of the loch and the identity of a strange beastie found on its shores. The "creature" was
discovered on the near Dores by two young Canadian visitors and a Scottish friend.

Christina Palmer of Beauly, a family friend of the Scots girl, told The Courier the person in the group who had spotted the creature shouted to her friends she had found an anaconda. On closer inspection, the three young women saw what they described as an enormous eel, 28 to 30 feet in length. "It appeared to move its tail as they watched it and all three ran off screaming, " Mrs Palmer revealed.

The three later returned to the spot to take photographs, but the animal had disappeared.

Giant eels have been reported in Loch Ness and have
been suggested as a possible source of Nessie sightings, though these are usually only half the size of the object seen by the three girls. However, Mr
Feltham believes there is a more mundane explanation for the girls' close encounter.

"Lengths of alkathene pipe from the nearby fish farm, " he declared. "It's black and about two to three inches in diameter and comes with an adaptor that looks like a hump. There are great big shards of it about and, when it's flapping about on the shoreline, it looks a lot like a live eel." Mr Feltham, who has lived in a converted van on the shores of Loch Ness since 1991, believes the pipe could easily be mistaken for a living creature.

"There was about 60 feet of it in the water along there and great big chunks of it on the beach, " he said. However, Mrs Palmer was adamant the girls had not seen a pipe. "No way - it was definitely mobile, " she commented. "They knew what it was. One of
them goes fishing on the lakes in Canada with her father and has seen some pretty big fish there. She knows what she has seen. I believe they definitely saw
something like that, but whether it was as big, I don't know." Mrs Palmer has been told where the girls had their sighting and intends visiting the scene for a closer look. "I think it was dying because I don't think it would have been on the shore if it was able to move, " she added.

First published on Friday, January 16, 2004
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xx Re: Nessie-hunter explains away 'mystery' creature
« Reply #1 on: May 1st, 2005, 2:16pm »

From my blog at
Rousing Leviathan

Well, I promised that this blog wouldn't just be free enterprise and money-making tips. Here's our first jaunt way off the commerce path and into the realms that a lot of folks would just plain like to remain consciously unaware of.

Case in point: check out the photos and video at What you will find there is graphic evidence of SOMETHING. Two college students on holiday at the loch spot a dead deer on a shoreline accessible only by boat. They investigate. The deer is only half a deer. Something has bitten the deer in half. Check out the horrifying evidence of ripping and tearing that must have been involved in the demise of this deer. Then check out the pictures of the "tooth" that was taken out of the deer's rib cage. It's four inches long and barbed.

My first thoughts upon seeing a press release about this incident was a formulation that went like this: college students + loch ness = hoax. Then I saw those deer pictures. Well, if it is a hoax, they'd have to construct something on par with a set of steel jaws with the bite radius and power of a T Rex to "create" this kind of phony evidence. This deer looks like it was bitten in half, quickly and violently.

Now deer are known to swim in Loch Ness. In fact, deer have been misidentified as "Nessie" for obvious reasons. This one learned that it's not a good idea to swim on the loch.

Consider the fact that, oh, a half dozen people or more "drown" on Loch Ness every year. Of course, no body is ever found. The unfortunates just go out on the Loch and are never seen again. It is a fact that things that die or drown in the loch, tend to be swallowed into the 900 foot deep abyss and do not wash up on shore. The loch "keeps its dead." Which begs another unsettling question now that I've seen those deer pictures. Perhaps "Nessie" is encountered and seen by people a lot more than we were previously led to believe. It's just that these eyewitnesses never live to tell the tale. They end up like that deer did. And the authorities rubber stamp the inquest with the standard cause of death: drowning. No body recovered

Based on this deer evidence and recent tracks found on the shore of Loch Ness, researcher Bill McDonald believes Nessie to be a huge mutant Anguilla eel. This particular species of eel is aggressive, predatory, and if it was fifty feet long, it could easily bite a deer in half. Novelist Steve Alten's latest book, The Loch, is based on this research. It is entirely plausible -- much more so than the standard "Nessie is a plesiosaur" theory. Actually, this version of Nessie -- giant mutant carnivore eel is even more frightening than a dinosaur.

Something bit that deer in half. That something had a huge mouth and wicked barbed fangs. People disappear on Loch Ness all the time. Something could be eating these missing persons.

Yep, I want to visit Loch Ness. But I'll never go out on that lake in a rowboat and there isn't enough money in the world to get me to swim in that lake or scuba dive there.

I believe. I friggin' believe!

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