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The Art of Ghost Hunting 2nd Edition
Post by JJRAKMAN on Jun 26th, 2008, 1:28pm


Jaeson K. Jrakman has just published the 2nd Edition of his book, The Art of Ghost Hunting. With additional chapters, expanded chapters, and new pictures and illustrations.

If you know nothing about ghost hunting, this is the book is where you can start.

Instead of merely collecting personal experiences, humorous anecdotes, and ghost stories, Jaeson delivers a body of procedural knowledge that will allow the budding Ghost Hunter to have their own experiences, and discover their own stories.

Drawing from a variety of fields and practices and over a decade of Ghost Hunting experiences, Jaeson successfully fuses physics, metaphysics, home inspection, psychology, parapsychology, history, forensics, technology, meteorology, science, myth & legend, the occult, religion, public records research, and much more, into a cohesive body of interdisciplinary procedures and knowledge that will illuminate the amateur scientist in every Ghost Hunter.

Written in an academic textbook style in over 300 pages, it provides a technical and detailed foundation of knowledge needed for the novice Ghost Hunter to scientifically investigate claims of ghost sightings. It also provides an invaluable reference tool in one book for more experienced Ghost Hunters.

Jaeson has been Ghost Hunting since 1997.

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Re: The Art of Ghost Hunting 2nd Edition
Post by Avery on Jan 14th, 2010, 9:27pm

I've been following this guy (Baxter King) for about a year now. He's doing some pretty cool stuff in the Paranormal Arena. Here's one of his videos on Ghosts, I think it's worth checking him out.