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Abusive 'ghost' haunts elderly couple
Post by Noah on Dec 14th, 2003, 8:15pm

Abusive 'ghost' haunts elderly couple
NDTV Correspondent

Friday, December 12, 2003 (Kolkata):

In Kolkata, an elderly couple has gone to the police with the strangest complaint - they are hearing dismembered voices in their modest two-room flat.

The voice seems to be of a male and for the last fortnight, it has been abusing the couple off and on.

Neighbours confirm the ghostly business but the police is investigating the possibility of a hi-tech crime behind 'supernatural' affair.

Namita Dasgupta, the landlady, was cooking lunch on November 28 when she first heard the voice say, "Hey, you old woman," and went on to deliver a volley of abuse.

Since then, the voice has popped up three to four times a day and the abuse has grown worse. Last Saturday, the couple finally went to the police.

"When I go anywhere, I get the feeling someone's calling me from behind. When I turn to face it, the voice appears from behind. It seems to confuse me. I am going here and there. I don't know what to do," said Namita.

"In the mornings when I wake up, I am anxious. In fact today when I was going out, the voice said "Hey, old lady, where are you?" It never calls me, it's always for her," said Namita's husband Bimalendu Dasgupta.

Spooky presence

Initially, the couple got goose bumps. The voice seemed to know what was going on in the house, what was cooking for lunch or dinner and even the names of
neighbours who dropped by.

But a group of rationalists that specialises in debunking superstition says a webcam is all that a prankster needs to pull off the 'ghost' trick.

"He can use a camera to see what going on. If fact now-a-days one can simply use a cordless camera," said Snehansu Roy, a rationalist.

The police is looking for a motive. And topping their list is an innovative attempt to get the elderly couple to vacate their flat or sell it cheap.

While ghosts are known to haunt houses, the ghost in the Dasgupta household just might be a hi-tech scamster in search of a real estate deal.