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Spirits in our house
Post by Heidi on Jan 2nd, 2007, 3:24pm

Hi...I live in Waupun with my family of 4 kids and my husband. We live in a house built in the 20s by a prominent family here in town. I have been a fan of UFOWisconsin for several years and only today realized there is a ghost section to this site. Anyway, I have a few stories to relay.

Our house is haunted. There is no doubt in my mind. I believe there are at least 2 entities...the original owner, a man, who lived here for 46 years, and a small boy, the man's grandson (or it might be the man's son, come back as a young boy?). I actually have more encounters with the boy but the old man ("Grandpa" we call him--he's not any relation to us but he was somebody's grandpa) does show up occasionally. We don't live in fear here, the presences are benign and actually the old man appears to be taking care of the place, or he's playing practical jokes on us.

I've had things go missing for several days to months at a time. I'll look when I last had them, don't find them, look some more, and eventually give up searching. Sometimes I'll say, "Grandpa, where'd you put it?" Or, "Could you help me find it?" And invariably, the lost item will show up where I thought I'd left it. In life, this man was fond of practical jokes and he had a wonderful sense of humor. I'm certain he's the one doing this to us. For example, one time, I was missing the lid to a pickle jar. It just wasn't in the kitchen after I opened the jar for dinner one night. I cleaned up the kitchen and it wasn't there. For three days, I kept thinking, "What the heck did I do with that pickle jar lid?" I didn't make a big deal about it because I figured I'd just misplaced it and it would show up eventually. Then, on the third day, I was standing in the kitchen, talking with my husband and 7 year old daughter. I had my back to the counter and my husband and daughter were facing me. I was aware something fell behind me. Suddenly, there was this noise and something hit the back of my foot. It was the pickle jar lid. There was NO WAY any of us could have orchestrated that so the jar lid would have fallen behind me. I think Grandpa realized I wouldn't get upset about the missing lid so he gave it up.

Another instance involved a missing toy, one of those horses on a stick that kids ride around and pretend they're cowboys. It had been missing for ages. I would occasionally look for it when I cleaned up and organized the kids' things but it was never there. The kids never played much with it so it was in the way, really, but it was cute. I thought my next oldest child might want to play with it (she was about 1 1/2 to2 years at the time) but it wasn't here. Then one day, when #3 child was still too young to go up and down the stairs, (I was pregnant with #4) and the older 2 were at school, the missing horsie showed up in the corner of the dining room. It was filthy, like it had been played with, not the way I had seen it last. Anyway, there it was, in the dining room, stuck in the corner. I figure the little boy spirit who lives here had a good time with that horsie. Maybe his grandpa got it for him to play with.

That little boy...I've seen him in an upstairs bedroom. He had short blond hair, a white shirt and beige pants on. He was floating in the doorway. I didn't see any shoes. I was in my closet, stepped back, and looked out the doorway into the bedroom across the hall. I saw this young boy, good looking kid, right there in the doorway to the other bedroom. He was looking at me with these sad brown eyes, like he'd done something wrong and was looking for forgiveness. I looked right into his eyes and there was such sadness, it was palatible. I can't explain that feeling. He was looking at me like I was his mom and he was sad. When I realized what I was seeing, my jaw dropped and I couldn't breathe for a few minutes. He was gone but I did get in 2 blinks before he disappeared so I know he was there.

The hallway area in the house is haunted but it doesn't bother me anymore. They aren't here to scare us. I think they're trapped here. I know who they are, I can visit their graves. I've told them they're welcome to stay here as long as they want, so long as they don't scare us or cause any problems.

The Grandpa is associated with smells, like breakfast cooking in the mornings on the weekends or chocolate orange-flavored candy smell. My husband smells this too. It's really wonderful, welcoming, and then it disappears. Sometimes it smells like cigarettes and nobody in this house smokes. And, like I wrote before, he's a practical joker.

The boy is trying to find his mom. I think he was killed in a car accident in the 1960s, an accident where his mom and dad were seriously injured as well, but they survived. I've heard laughter when the kids are nowhere around, footsteps, and a long, drawn-out "Mmmmoooommmm?" when none of the kids is anywhere nearby. I've tried to tell him to go towards the light, whatever it is I'm supposed to say, but he's still here. I have to admit I'm a little more freaked when he shows up because I mistake him for one of my own kids when it happens. I have even yelled at him, thinking he is my older son and he's supposed to be in bed. Only my boy is in bed and couldn't possibly be coming down the basement steps when he's lying in bed on the second floor.

These things with the little boy only happen when my husband is not home. It's almost like the boy doesn't want anyone but me to see and/or hear him. Is this possible?

I'm not a nut...I am not arrogant enough to believe that I know everything there is to know about the world around us. It's not a demonic presence here. The spirits here seem caught between 2 places. I don't know how to get that boy back to his mom...she's still alive, is all I know. His dad is gone now but his mom is still nearby. I don't know her at all so I would never dream of approaching her with this and bring up old wounds. But there are times I really want to help him. I think he views our kids as playmates and he likes having them here. He's been more quiet since I scolded him for not being in bed that one night about 2 years ago, but he's still around.

We also take pictures that have a single orb in them. It's not dust because the pictures don't all have the same problem. Sometimes the orb looks like it's moving. The pictures are generally taken away from any light source so it's not refraction. It's just a strange phenomenon. When I take pictures, sometimes I invite Grandpa to show up, if he wants to. And usually he does.