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WTMJ4 wants your haunted stories
Post by jenny on Oct 11th, 2005, 7:06pm

This was posted on another list, thought someone may have a good story for it:

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Hi All....

WTMJ Channel 4 would like to hear your haunted house story in Milwaukee. Every night at 10pm from Sunday Oct. 13 to Monday Oct. 31st they will air the stories and front yard Halloween decorations. For more information clink on link below:


This should be fun!

John Milwaukee Madness 2U http://www.geocities.com/milwaukeemadness2u/mainpage1.html

Re: WTMJ4 wants your haunted stories
Post by NazDruid on Mar 30th, 2006, 8:00pm

tried your site . No Go So I will tell you a little about myself.

Born & rised in the paranormal world.
Came from a long line of psychic's on both Mom and Dad's side.
So far back we are not sure as to whom was the frist.
Work with the Late Rev Karl Schulct on many ghost case over the years until his death some four years ago.
Was rised in a haunted house on the easrside of Milw on Milwaukee St. My whole life is paranormal where I want it or not. Though Carl I work with him and the cops on case. Drop out of it as I found it hard to deal with. Been on radio show and last year your own Mike Jokob's interviewed because I worked with Carl and the
police. Though I am better at talking about ghost and UFO's. I still will try to help someone free of cost who may need answers to what goes bump in the night.
Nost of the time it is anything but ghost. But that is my job to fine out & norrow it down to a paranormal hpping.
Then ask them what they want to know and to they want it out.
Anyway, I have a few stoies you may like to have.
Willing to help for this years Helloween.
Ask Mike for my number as he may still have it.