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Have you had an encounter with a ghost/spirit etc.
Post by coach on Jul 16th, 2005, 11:32pm

I have had several contacts. Back in the winter of 1990 or 91 at my sisters place that she rented
in Fort Atkinson Wi. on W. Milwaukee st.

My older brother & I were sitting on the couch watching TV & chatting. There was a decorated Christmas tree at the bottom of the staircase & off to the side & between the couch & staircase.

When all of a sudden just one branch of the tree moved as though someone had brushed up against it. We both noticed it imediately. There was a round glass ornament that just bounced & wobbled around. Then my brother looked at me with his eyes wide open "Whoa, Did you feel that"? , At that time I felt it too. It was a very cold feeling for just a second or two.

There were no doors opened etc. or draft.
Well,.........This was a two story side by side duplex.
The neighbor told us of a story too,.......There was a little boy (about 4 yrs. old) that lived next door. His mother over heard him talking several different nights to someone in his bedroom after he went to bed. His mother asked her son Who were you talking to last night when you were in bed?
He said,....The pretty woman in a dress that glows who visits me every now & then.

Come to find out, There was a woman that had died in a tragic fire at this adress many years before, She went all the way to the attic to try to escape the fire, But died in the attic.
My sister & her family told us of many other things that had happened there too!

Ken..............Another story to follow!
Re: Have you had an encounter with a ghost/spirit
Post by coach on Jul 16th, 2005, 11:52pm

Here is another story,

My sisters family moved to another address a few years later, They moved to Hebron Wi. (about 10 mi. east of Fort Atkinson on cty hwy D. Well,. I was told that this house was haunted too. Everyone heard this ghost,. My older sister was home alone one day when she heard this woman talking to her. She thought that she was hearing things.
Well, About 3 yrs. ago I helped them move back to Fort.
I was upstairs helping pack the kids's toys etc.
The kids were upstairs helping me pack. I wasn't paying attention, But they went down stairs so I was upstairs all alone. Without looking I said, Come on kids, Let's get this stuff packed hurry up! Then I heard this womans voice say "Just leave them alone" & I said (without looking) "Well we gotta get this stuff packed"! I then I looked to see who I was talking to, I looked all around to find that no one was upstairs but me.
Later when I went downstairs I said to my sister. "Why didn't you answer me when I was talking to you upstairs"? she looked at me kind of funny, "I wasn't upstairs"..........& then it dawned on her & she filled me in on the ghost situation!

The voice sounded so real! I wasn't scarred at all, Just a little puzzled. I tried to talk to this mysteriouse voice a little later when I was alone upstairs again. But got no reply!


Re: Have you had an encounter with a ghost/spirit
Post by Macrobean on Sep 8th, 2006, 8:54pm

When I was a young man there was a house that sat on the corner of two streets that joined at about a 30 degree angle, a large white house of intricate victorian design. One time I was walking through the fog in the early morning heading down the hill beside this house. I began to hear clicking noises behind me. It took a moment for the noise to register to me as odd. When it did I turned to look and there was a woman, very tall dressed in black. It looked like a mourning costume. The dress was form fitting, she seemed to me as a child to be very tall, and the heels of the black shoes were very high. It was amazing to me she could walk so well down a steep grade in that get up. Well it was wierd but it was my home town and so I just turned around and kept walking through the early morning fog. But I started to hear the pace of the clicking heels pick up, and then fear caem upon me and I started to walk faster. The faster I walked the faster the clicking, until I was running and the heels were running. Finally terrified, I dropped my tackle box which burst open on the street and my fishing rod and ran as fast as I could to the main road about a block away. When I got there there was no fog and a different sense came over me. I turned around and walked back up the street, there was no fog. I found my tackle box and gear right where I had dropped it. Did I imagine a woman dressed in fine attire walking at 5:30 AM in the fog in one of the poorest parts of town? Did I imagine her pace quickening as mine did? Suppose it was just chance? there was a woman and she saw that I was getting afraid and played a joke on a little boy. Such things happen, but I have never forgotten the event. The white house where the lady first seemed to appear I later learned was owned by a very old woman with a severe hunch. I delievered a paper to her once later in life and found the way she looked at me to make me uneasy. Perhaps she was a witch? Perhaps her pedophile son had snuck out the door in his girly constume intent on snagging a passing boy! I'll never know.

In general I would say that I am at times made aware of the fact that the atmosphere in certain places is lustful, angry even murderous, happy, peaceful, safe. I have always had that and I don't really know all the reaons why but I do pay attention to it as I have often found that those who would do me harm do so when I sense a dark atmosphere.

Oh, I should also mention these two which are more like angel stories. Once when young I avoided a serious car crash by a miraculous bit of driving that happened so fast I could not have accomplished it by myself. I've often wondered if there was not divine intervention. Also when my great grandfather died somebody came and told me not to cry for him because he was going to a better place. What can you say, both explainable probably, but maybe not.
Re: Have you had an encounter with a ghost/spirit
Post by ParanormalGirl on Sep 1st, 2009, 10:41pm

I have encountered several ghosts/ spirits in my life since i was 15 yrs old. We have a dark shadow person and a young girl who are at my home now.
Neither have done any harm, just lil tricks .. such as the tv channel changing, lights come on when no one in the room. The dark shadow stays in my room, the girl goes from my room to kids' room and hallway. The dogs see them all the time and barks until they are hoarse. lol
But nothing scary about them really.