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psychic attack!!
Post by blackwatch on Nov 26th, 2004, 3:53pm

it's not a good idea to ghost hunt by yourself.there are many reports of psychic attacks by ghosts or evil spirits called "elementals" Leap castle in scotland for one,the true story that the movie "the enity" was based for another..most recently a episode of Ghost Hunter" a member of their crew knocked down and paralizied for a bout a half hour and now has serious thoughts on leaving the show.a "no fear" attitude is not going to make a differance ,for you are unarmed against a invisable being that may have been a murderer or a soul that wants revenge on the living.please!! take my advice and bring a friend or witness who could help if it goes bad.
Re: psychic attack!!
Post by Macrobean on Sep 8th, 2006, 8:12pm

Has it ever ocured to you that in the cases where we are not talking about toxic fumes or EM hallucinations that it may simply be demons? Greater is he that is in you (if you are a Christian) than he who is in the world. But still it is not a good idea to put yourself out on a limb. I agree with that. Also it is easier to spot fraud if you have a team than just you.