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Weird Wisconsin (article)
Post by jenny on Mar 15th, 2004, 11:22am



March 2, 2004
Sartre said Hell is other people. Sometimes it’s your own mother.

In October 2002, I gave a ghost talk to a seniors group in south Milwaukee. Afterwards a woman came up and told me her amazing story.

I was so caught up in her story; I never even learned her name. I usually refer to her as “the woman,” as I think about her and her experience in an iconic sense, but for convenience, this sixties-ish woman is Mary.

A household of three; Mary, her husband, and Mary’s mother, who had been living with the couple for over 15 years. In the mid-1990s Mother got sick, began deteriorating mentally and physically. The couple admitted her to a nursing home. Mother’s health got worse – she probably knew she was going to die – begged to return home. Mary, though, had a full time job, her husband worked, and neither had the time to give Mother the care she needed or deserved. They just couldn’t bring her home.

Mother died. Then she came home on her own.

The doorbell rang one night. No one there. Mary closed it, walked away. A few minutes later, it rang again. Still no one there, or no one that Mary could see.

But Mother had moved back home. And she was a noisy woman. She let her presence – maybe displeasure – be known. She’d walk up and down the wooden floors, making a tremendous racket. She’d bang around in bedrooms, pace hallways, pound on walls. Mary often heard the sound of a rocking chair creaking on a wooden floor in one of the bedrooms, but there was no rocking chair in that room. Doors slammed all the time. Mary heard breathing behind her. Felt watched.

Drove her crazy. She got more and more nervous, even outright terrified. She turned on all the lights at night, turned on radios and televisions throughout the house as noise distractions, slept less and less, and was afraid to be alone in her own home.

Mary’s husband was completely oblivious to it. “I don’t hear anything,” he said.

After a few years, they found out that her husband couldn’t hear anything. He was partially deaf, needed hearing aids, which was no consolation to Mary. She had been suffering alone.

Except for the two dogs. They were her constant companions. But they wouldn’t go in certain rooms. They’d start barking, their hackles would stand on end, they’d stare intently at seemingly nothing, would track invisible objects across the room, and seemed to hear and react to things the couple did not.

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Re: Weird Wisconsin (article) (Part 2)
Post by jenny on Mar 15th, 2004, 11:22am

One day Mary came home, found the two dogs locked in a bedroom. The door was shut; they couldn’t get out. At first she dismissed it. Maybe the door was half open, the dogs were chasing each other, hit the door, banged it closed. Plausible.

But another time she came home, found the two dogs locked in a closet. A closet with a sliding door.

She couldn’t stand it any more. She was desperate for help. Mary called in her minister.

She told him she had a ghost. His response was, “Don’t talk that way, or you’ll go right to hell. There are no ghosts. When someone dies, they either go right to heaven, or they go right to hell. Your mother isn’t in your house, but I don’t know what it is.”

And then he left her.

Around this same time Mary broke her ankle. She was hobbling down the hall on crutches, heard the rocking sound in one of the closed bedrooms. Along with the creaking was the sound of footsteps, shuffling, other noises. Mary opened the door, and of course saw nothing. Frustrated, angry, scared, confused she yelled into the room “Leave me alone, leave me alone!” over and over, while slamming her crutches against the wall, knocking holes in the plaster.

Sobbing, she broke down. She didn’t know what to do. Her clergy had failed her. Her husband was no help. She had nowhere else to turn. Home was unbearable.

What she did though was novel. It was like, “I’ll show you!”

She cranked up the stereo to full volume. Put on a CD of German festival hymns – Mother was German. She played these hymns at full volume for a couple of hours.

The next day, no noise. No feeling of being watched. And the day after, same thing. And the day after that ... and after that. And now it’s been over six years, and nothing further has happened.

I like that story. Terror. Misery. One person alone against the darkness. Your family coming back to haunt you.

That’s life.

I like that story for another reason. The banishing. You don’t need experts to solve your ghost problems. You can do it yourself.

Richard D. Hendricks is the man behind the curtain at Weird Wisconsin and newsline editor of The Anomalist.

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Re: Weird Wisconsin (article)
Post by grayplague1 on Mar 5th, 2005, 1:01pm

nice story, jen, i am reminded of a family in horicon who had problems that were bad enough to drive them out. any tips on "banishing" or "casting out demons" that really work?so many movie producers take creative licence when telling a supernatural story of real people fighting to regain their lives back from these pesky spirits,i would think there are natural laws on the psychic level that they(spirits)would have to adhere to. shocked
Re: Weird Wisconsin (article)
Post by nelsonkari on Mar 9th, 2005, 08:37am


In reply to your message about the hauntings in Horicon you might want to read the story "Something Evil on Larabee Street." I believe that is the correct title.
I think I read it in the book Haunted Wisconsin but I'm not sure. I know that this particular haunting was profiled on "Unsolved Mysteries" years ago and is quite famous.

As far as ridding a house of spirits there is no quick formula that I know of. You might want to research the Catholic rite of Excorcism for some possible answers.
The books written by the late Jesuit Father Malachi Martin are a place to start. You may find that the "spirit trouble" is more related to demonic influence in the family than to any physical place. I lived in Horicon for a number of years and asked questions about this subject. I spoke to one of the neighbors of the family in question. They claim that the "troubles" came and went with the family in question. Since they moved out there have been no more instances of hauntings reported.

One piece of advice that you might want to keep in mind
is that the occult is nothing to fool with. Stay away from Ouija boards, fortune tellers, spell casters, etc.. This subject is very real and not just Hollywood. If you must investigate cultivate your faith in God you will need it!

Nelson Kari