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Have YOU Seen a Wisconsin Ghost?
Post by TogatikZeebie on Aug 14th, 2004, 10:40am

Any real personal stories of Wisconsin ghosts?

I have a few experiences to relate. Here is one:

Back in the 1970s I lived in SE Wisconsin (Racine) and used to enjoy riding my motorcycle out of the city and up into the hilly country NW of Milwaukee in the vicinity of Holy Hill. That is heavily old German settler country and there were lots of secluded pioneer German cemetaries with antique marble or iron headstones and some old marble statues of angels, etc. I was young and fancied myself a poet of sorts and deep thinker and was intrigued by the possibility of an afterlife, ghosts, etc. So I camped out a few times in that area to test my theories.

Perhaps it was a combination of the night, shadows, moonlight, and a little bit of fear, but in one very isolated hilltop graveyard at night I saw a slender and pale figure wearing a hooded garment kneeling and praying(?) at a grave. It was there for a moment but I looked away and when I looked back it was gone. It seemed young, almost a child. The next morning I went back up there and the grave next to which the figure was kneeling was that of young girl who briefly lived and died in the late 19th century. To this day I can remember the weathered inscription on the stone with a little lamb on top (with its head missing):

"Mein Leben war ein Fruhlings Traum, ein Augenblick, mein Erdengluck"

There is a wild surreal magical combination of ripe grain and corn, woodlots, Wisconsin moonlight, and old pioneer graveyards in that part of the state. I haunted that land for years and it in return haunted me.
Re: Have YOU Seen a Wisconsin Ghost?
Post by TogatikZeebie on Aug 24th, 2004, 10:50am

Sometimes "ghosts" turn out to a false perception. Here's a recent example that happened to me just this summer.

It wasn't a ghost exactly, but an "imp" or "dwarf" and I'm not kidding either. Here's what happened:

It was late afternoon and I was sitting on my screen porch up north where I live. I had been researching Native American magic and mysticism for several weeks and their pantheon of gods and spirits was on my mind -- although I don't literally believe in them.

That, however, didn't keep me from "almost" seeing one.

There I was kicked back looking at the yard towards the woods when suddenly I saw a LITTLE MAN run across the yard! I swear: A LITTLE MAN no more than 8-9 inches tall!

It was absolutely A LITTLE MAN and no fooling!


Now the Indians have a legend of little people like leprechauns they call the pukawejees (or something like that). Instantly that crossed my mind as what I had seen and if something had not changed that notion in that same instant I would have believed that I did see a LITTLE MAN RUN ACROSS THE YARD.

But just before the so-called LITTLE MAN went out of sight behind a tree, it shifted its position or maybe it was the light and I realized it was NOT a little man, but a red squirrel with its tail held straight up over its back so that it looked like a miniature little human being running across the yard.

That was a perception that went awry. Some ghosts can no doubt be explained that way, but not all....

Anyone else have a story to tell?

Re: Have YOU Seen a Wisconsin Ghost?
Post by jenny on Aug 24th, 2004, 11:50am

Hi there. I do believe there are ghosts out there, but I know what you mean about perception. Here's my story . . .

2 summers ago I was at an all day UFO potluck at a persons house in the warehouse district of Milwaukee. I spent the whole day in the house talking about UFOs & all things paranormal with lots of different people. When we were getting ready to leave I went outside first to have a cigarette. As I stood outside, I glanced up at this huge tree and saw 2 solid black demons fighting each other in the tree. I kid you not, every hair on my body stood on end and I froze and quit breathing. So I stood completely still for a few minutes, when my husband and our friend came out to get in the car with me. Still standing still & watching these solid black demons fighting, I pointed with a shaky hand & said "what do you guys see in that tree??". THeir simultaneous answer : "garbage bags". I looked again and sure enough there were several solid black garbage bags moving in the tree & the wind was blowing them around. I can only guess that my day-long conversations about paranormal set me up to see something spectacular. And I swear to you that if I hadn't asked my husband what he saw, I would've sworn on stacks of bible's that there were black demon creatures in that tree. While It was no fun being laughed at for the rest of the day, atleast I did find out the truth. Sometimes the truth is harder to stomach than fiction !


Re: Have YOU Seen a Wisconsin Ghost?
Post by TogatikZeebie on Aug 25th, 2004, 5:16pm


That is a perfect example of how we psych ourselves up into seeing things. The Indians purposely fasted (STARVED THEMSELVES) into being visited by spirits. Can you imagine what would happen if your entire culture believed in ghosts and spirits and black demons? You'd be expecting to see such things and NOT garbage bags -- so you really would see demons and probably your husband and friends would too.

Plus, in the Native American mystical culture, demons, spirits, etc. could shape-shift, so the demons you saw were "really" there (in their worldview) but choose not to reveal themselves to your husband and friend. Pretty cool eh?

I am naturally a skeptic but am open to strange experiences of all kinds. But having seen illusions that almost fooled me, I never know what to believe or not believe. There are two other experiences I have had that I can NOT explain.

Please more stories: Explainable or not!


Re: Have YOU Seen a Wisconsin Ghost?
Post by franky on Feb 27th, 2005, 10:37pm

No ! But when I am a ghost ,I am going to raise hell for a few Bad and nasty people and it's going to be sweet! rolleyes