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Mar 22nd, 2018, 01:54am

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xx Madison's Old Ghost rd
« Thread started on: Jan 18th, 2008, 06:14am »

In the book Haunted Wisconsin, by Beth Scott, there is a small passage entitled Madison's Old Ghost rd. It describes sightings of a luminous white vapor that followed night travelers back in 1800's on what was then Bryant rd. Encounters with this "vapor" seemingly ended roughly when the Automobile replaced horse and buggy in 1910's?.....Well this is not entirely correct. Bryant rd is todays Seminole hy and in 2000 I saw this "vapor" while walking on a trail in the South Arboretum. This trail parallels Seminole hy and is 50 ft at most from it...It was roughly an hour after sunset and I was rounding a bend in the trail that heads to Green praire. I looked up and came to a dead halt. 15-20 ft in front of me was a massive,luminous, human shaped figure. It had its back to me and was walking down the trail seemingly unaware I came up behind it..I quickly walked backwards keeping the figure in view and once around the bend I stood there shocked and baffled. I was going over and over what I saw and thought about heading out but I decided to creep along the brush lining the trail and have another look...The figure was 35-40ft away and I noticed something very odd..It was walking quite fast and taking enormous,almost comical strides. Its arms swayed forward and back to near shoulder hieght and it looked like a comical military march. At 75 -80 ft from me I decided to chance it and walked directly out into the middle of trail. I stared at it for a few seconds shaking my head..I guess it became aware of me because it began to slow down and quikly turned around to look at me..I will never forget that face. Large,dark eye sockets with tiny,brilliant blue orbs for eyes,elongated nose and protruding jaw with a stretched out W for a mouth...How long we stared at each other I can't guess..The figure turned back around and began walking away from me apparantly unconcearned by my presence..At 100-10 ft away it began veering left off trail and it was obvious the trees and brush should be obscuring it but for whatever reason was not..Thats when I noticed a brilliant light in the sky just below tree topps..It was very strange and hard to descibe..The figure was heading for it and began walking as if going up a hill. However there are no hills there..When it reached the light and I could no longer see it the light poof!..Gone....I stood there for some time and walked to my car in a daze..In the car I grabbed a notepad and wrote everything I could recall down.......For the next 6 years I would spend hundreds of hours in all seasons,weather and time of night hoping to see it again. I saw squat until 2006. I had a digital camera and managed to get 3 great pics...The downer with this was I was accused of faking them with adobe photoshop...That really pissed me off. I was told"there to good to be true"....I tried contacting various para persons who solicit for sightings and heard squat....I pulled pics from web and will only show them personally..I am trying to find out how I can prove I did not fake with adobe and welcome any suggestions on this point
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