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Mar 23rd, 2018, 10:14pm

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xx what happens to us really!
« Thread started on: Jun 12th, 2005, 12:14am »

as you all know ghost's exist I myself have never really had the pleasure of encountering one.But if ghost's exist where is heaven and where is hell.ghost's are the energy of the person that use to live with no body.they claim thier always around we just don't know and can't see them technology is a way of talking to the dead which is pretty freaky.this opens up a whole new theory on what happens to us when we pass on.It sure makes me wonder.!! wink
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xx Re: what happens to us really!
« Reply #1 on: Sep 8th, 2006, 8:28pm »

I've got a scary notion for you that may be all the more scary since it is Biblical. There are no such things as ghosts but there are evil spirits (demons) that can decieve those who are not filled with the Spirit of God. You know Jesus said "You must be born again."

Anyways if you look in the Book of Samuel you will se a place where witch raises the ghost of Samuel to speak to Saul. Most believe that in fact this entire event was a deception staged by a demon. The spirit spoke to Saul the curse of God as it was bound to do, but it was in fact demonic.

I am working on a Biblical theory of witchraft and the occult and I have some very interesting insights that may lead to a way to point out the dark origin of many of these things. Really it is sort of like a modern more scientific demonology.

At any rate The dead according ot the Bible are ushered to either Paradise or Hades and are not able to contact the living. Demons however can move through all manner of distrubances and in fact to people who exist in a fallen state the Bible says the devil can use them at his will.

So, apparently and reasonably the demons get some value out of the occult and ghosts and other paranormal things. Education oddly works against these things in two ways. Science can sometimes destroy the illusion of an oracle. Take the Paulding Light for instance, a little statistics and two watches or a good pair of binoculars and poof! no more Paulding Light Mystery.

That said, not all of these things are explainable apart fromthe fact that demons are present. I give you Mothman, in my mind that is a demon. How or why those people were able to get that close I don't know.

Also alot of the alien abduction things, people have found relief by saying in the moment "I rebuke you in Jesus Name leave me alone."

I don't put this forth to attack anyone elses belief system but rather to say that the Biblical description of demonic activity is in line with modern stories of the occult.
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