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Mar 24th, 2018, 9:25pm

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xx Milwaukee County Almshouse Cemetery
« Thread started on: Feb 2nd, 2005, 6:45pm »

I recently visited the site of what was formerly the Milwaukee county "Almshouse" and two cemeteries reserved for it nearby. The Almshouse was a poor house that held Deaf and dumb inmates, those Disabled by blindness, those Disabled by old age, those Disabled by disease and loss of limb, those who were Epileptic, the Feeble minded, Alcoholics, and persons Out of work.
While the actual building was torn down in the 1970s, two graveyards remain, one of which is not recognized, and lies buried in the woods near the railroad tracks.
I was there with a few friends, one of whom was doing an audio recording, the other snapping pictures, all the while I dowsed with my crystal pendulum. When we returned to my house, we listened to the audio tape and heard what we think is EVP. Most of it couldn't be understood - we got what sounds to us like a child's voice, and then an older man periodically, along with what I can only describe as 'cry-talking,' as when someone is crying and they speak at the same time and everything is sort of slurred and undulating. Amid all of this, we got two distinct voices. The first is when Kevin, the person who did the recording, says "We're heading toward the unknown cemetery," referring to the cemetery back into the woods. Distinctly heard a few seconds after that is a young woman's voice that whispers, "It's around this way." The other voice occurs after the recorder says, "If you're here, can you tell us your name," and then a few seconds later, says "How old are you?" about three seconds after the latter statement, a voice says what sounds to us like "Susan," although this one isn't quite as clear as the last.
The strange thing about it was, when we were in the wooded area where one of the cemeteries was supposed to be, we could actually hear whispering around us in the trees. That was probably the weirdest experience I've ever had.
A few weeks ago, I got my photos back. All of the photos turned out fairly normal, except for one, taken in the back part of one of the cemeteries. The photo was about 60% white, translucent mist. It was late summer when we were there - too early and too warm to see our breath on the air yet. We can't logically explain any of this.
I just thought you might be interested. For reference, the cemetery is located just north of 87th street and waterplank road. Has anyone else ever been here? If so, did you 'experience' anything?
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