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mind predators
Post by truthufo on Sep 15th, 2004, 6:30pm

Mind Predators
By jin@truthufo.com Copyright 2004

People seeking truth should really look into the History of Mind control, and How it related directly to Religion, Politics and Media. Religion, Politics and Media controls all that you see hear and think.

Mass mind control is a very Powerful weapon. Having control over media, Politics and religion is very powerful.. Is it even Possible, This is a power our government does not use? hmmm.. I think not.. If controlling the Beliefs of the American public becomes a concern of National security. Than you know it will be.
These powers are just staring you in the face and you don't put them to use?? Rubbish,, Ill give you an example of the power in Using you belief against you . The "Ronin" If you do not know what Ronin is
My back ground in ninjitsu Thus this story is a part of my life. But told in the way of ninja. We know the honor and traditions of the samurai. See Kira knew if he could get Asano to draw his Blade in the house of the Shogun, Lord Asano Naganori would have to commit seppuku; the ultimate ritual of suicide. Kira also knew how to push Asano's buttons.
This tactic related directly to Pearl harbor and the rumors that our government knew the attack was going to happen and did nothing to stop it , because they wanted to be involved in the war that our people where against. Soon after pearl harbor 17 year old boys where willing to die just to go kill the Japs. It shows that Even a democracy can be controlled, one way or another. Does not matter what kind of political setting you have you can control your people through fear and it has been done this was "always"!!

This is a very powerful cause and effect method don't you think?? When I first heard about the Conspiracy 9/11 and people who think Bush is behind it. I was all about "yea right". I was a fan of Bush. I was all for kicking Sadams ass. But then again I was tuned into the Media ie being totally Brain washed. I was pissed because Of everything I saw on tv.. Whos to say, what I was seeing on TV was Accurate information? Yes Saddam is bad and I am glad we stopped his rain of terror.Most of "Your" Families are not dead from this?? I could be wrong but most of you have not had 7 Funerals in your family because of US Bombs.. Someone did. Was it worth it??What if you ask someone whos little children are all dead because of a US bomb? Would they say it was worth it?
Was it worth it? I do not know the answer to that. After watching 3 Very well put together Documentaries My view point changed about Bush.. I suggest You see them all, Before you think you know anything about Mind manipulation through Media.
(911-The Great Illusion)(Fahrenheit 911)(Alex Jones-MASTERS of TERROR]) www.infowars.com
I would be glad to send anybody these shows just ask!!Contact me through www.truthufo.com! Once you see these shows You will be sure something fishy is going on with 9-11 You will see how easy it is to get a country to agree to go to war by means of fear. Didn't this same fear plot happen with pearl harbor?!!..

Religions are even easier to manipulate. Due to there most cretin influential outcome. Every reality will always be Dictated by there faith. No matter what you say or scientific discovery you show them, they will always twist and warp it to mean God and Jesus. And if you drive them into a corner they are sure not to want to hear any more. I give you "Denial"!! in it's strongest form. Denial Can be ones worse enemy. Denial is one of the strongest mind sets. Most the time Blinding one to any other possibilities. Completely Blinding people to the Ignorance in there actions or beliefs. Is it possible someone could put this Denial to use?? Do you think Cults already do this?? Look beyond that , How many religions use this? Denial is one of the most powerful mind sets, If not the Most powerful of all!! Denial is a mind predators favorite asset!!

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mind predators part 2
Post by truthufo on Sep 15th, 2004, 6:33pm

This seems like it could become so hard to deal with in a society. For example Religion is set on Us being the only life out there, Religion has a continues battle with the discoveries of science. Which really makes things kind of hard to release to the public when you know it will disturb them greatly.ie 1930 war of the worlds radio show. But then again It could be used as a powerful tool of controlling the public. What if for some reason we wanted Alien existence to be kept secret from the public? Than pushing religion would help stop that idea for sure.. The existence of Aliens from space just does not fit Religion. Maybe if they where angels form the heavens People would except them.
One thing is for sure, Media IS used to control thoughts and release of information to the public. John lear said the Government wanted to tell the public about the existence of Alien craft in US custody. Though if they have the President come out with the Alien autopsy video and say this is real people would freak!!! ie 1930 war of the worlds radio show. But if you have some mystery man in black whose credentials are questionable, The religious communities can dismiss it without being troubled. People can say spoof this is fake .. It will cushion the blow.. say if this where real!!
Doesn't this make since to anyone?? If you had recovered many Alien space craft with Human Body parts on them. Would you just go tell all the world ? Or would you want to control the release of the information in small bits. Slowly cushion the almost certainly shocking Blow to all the public especially the religious communities?
The mind control aspect plays a key role in ufology, And Religion can be the most Powerful tool against the minds of the masses!! Just picture Your self in a disc craft going back in time, Telling the commoners you are God.. What power could you have over the minds of These people?? Think deeply into this idea.. Because this did happen, ie Ezekiel 1:4,5. The power These Visits had over the commoners Beliefs, lasted Long into The religious Beliefs of Humanity today. And surely into our future!!

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mind predators part 3
Post by truthufo on Sep 15th, 2004, 8:24pm

One thing about the art of mind control. There is almost always a path that your action can lead the minds. This means a for sure reaction will most certainly come from thous who believe "one way is way". Just like Kira knew Asano's Anger would make him act out at the wrong time.. You see when someone has an Honor system, Or set system with rules. There is always a way to work it to your benefit. This is because You know the out come, Its like knowing the winning numbers of the lotto the day before the drawing!! People must understand and consider this power. I would like to give another ninja example of mind manipulation.. You see the samurai had this honor system. A one on one kind of deal, Fair fight. A ninja would very commonly , in the middle of a fight, throw dirt into the face and vanish!! To the samurai this is very cowards. The ninja knows the samurai may begin to under estimate him, thinking he may be a scared coward. To a cunning ninja putting your prey into this mind set could be very useful.

In the political aspect you can almost always tweak your polls by stirring the religious and racial pots. If one ever had any reason to suppress scientific information, it would be easy to stir the pot by Pointing out Religious Beliefs. If your country is against war and It would benefit the powers that be to go to war, Fear may be a good manipulation tool. ie an act of terror with threats to do it again!!

One thing is for sure. I can always predict the out come of a heated UFO discussion with my Christian Grandmother. If I took her back in time and showed her an Alien artificially inseminating the virgin Mary, She would tell me I'm crazy!! Good or bad, This is extremely powerful faith, or as I put it a "Severe Brainwashed State". I believe the Christian faith can be a good thing for some.. It is when someone finds that your Christian faith can lead you right to the slotter house, That you may find your self on this dinner plate.
One of the most powerful mind manipulators is, "Only door to heaven" Religions. This means if you don't think what "we/God" tell you to think, You will die the second death, ie cease to exist beyond death. These "Only door to Heaven" Religions, Promise a paradise beyond death if you follow "there way/Gods way". Each of these religions say the other is wrong. And you must rely on faith.
If your religion has any of the above factors, It is using mind manipulation tactics on you!! Of course you will think it is all in good faith and be in complete denial that anything bad could come of your religion. But thats just what your suppose to think. Hear that?? Yes I said "just what your suppose to think" ie a desired mind set. A one way is way, way of life, A very predictable way of life. And very useful for the mind predators!!

jin@truthufo.com mind predators Copyright 2004