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Mar 18th, 2018, 11:09pm

Evidence of Alien contact Revealed in Scripture

UFOs in the bible?
Out of body experiences described in the bible?
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xx Cattle Mutilation HistoryDating back to BC
« Thread started on: Sep 15th, 2004, 5:44pm »

One thing About growing up in Christian bible study was, I always believed these people. ie Ezekiel,
Really saw what they describe and did not just dream up these visions. Yet something I always
understood about Human nature was, throughout time, If a volcano Violently erupted, The people
would think it was a very mad god and give sacrifice to this god in hopes it would not get angry
again. This goes with earthquakes, floods, you name it!! It had to be god. So what if? And I info size
"what if??" We build a time machine and go back to say howdy to Ezekiel? How would, how could
he possibly describe what he saw? What if we had motive to manipulate these people as well? What
if we said hey , we are god.??
The point I am getting at is, Today we point UFO at everything we see in the sky!! "Yesterday"
Humanity Pointed God at everything they saw in the sky. The real question is, What is in the sky??
Today we are coming much closer to solving this age old mystery. The closer we get the more we
learn the possibility that these "Aliens" do have a reason to Manipulate Human minds.
When I was a small child And I learned about the Christian sacrifice of the lamb, I thought to my
self "How sickening". Human sacrifice? Yes Even Human sacrifice Takes place in the Bible. I
always thought how mentally sickening are these people?
Now as Ufology starts to possibly answer some of the mysteries of the bible, I begin to wonder.
Could someone else have given these people the Idea that God wanted sheep?? Yea I know some
say the lamb stood for so much and all that "pure speculation". But how long have the Gods shown
Interest In our Cattle? Or for that matter even In Human sacrifice? I think the deeper one looks
the more one will find God has been after our cattle for some time. Since the first sacrifice of the
Is it possible The people saw Gods taking there cattle?? Thus decided to make sacrifice of cattle??
Below you will find an artistic reproduction of a relief found in a labyrinth on the island Jotuo in the
Toengt'ing lake. From An expedition in 1957. To see the Picture that goes with this post see

I see two commoners rather upset about being "out hunted" by some visitors. Who have Large
heads, or Halos and are flying on disc shaped crafts, with strange writing on the craft. This picture
tells a deep story.. First we can see something to do with the head, Size or glow ,something larger
than ours.
Next, even though we see these visitors riding on top of the crafts, does not necessarily mean that is
exactly how the commoners saw them. All this means is that the commoners knew these crafts had
people inside them or in control of them..
We then see strange writing on the disc that is rather consistent to many UFO claims of today..
Rather this writing was really on the disc craft, or if this symbolises That this writing had something
to do with these visitors.
Next we see the commoners have hand held spears and the Visitors appear to have guns, Or maybe
Blow dart guns. No matter what they had, this symbolises the commoners where out gunned. What
ever these visitors where using to hunt with was better than what common people of that time had.
This is how they would describe something like this. We can all see this pattern of descriptions
starting from the bible and allover human History.
Another sign we see, is the clouds next to the crafts.. The crafts do not appear to far off the ground
and one would think it is possible, it did not represent a craft at all. But, We see the craft does
reside with the clouds, This means they where in flight.

This Once again is more people from our distant past making claims of beings descending from the
heavens and interacting with people. These Gods, UFOs, Aliens, what ever they are, Have shown
quiet a bit of interest in our Cattle over the years and this starts as early as man him self.
see for links regarding UFO related Human and cattle Mutilations. This is defiantly a
smoking gun in Ufology!!! A must see!!


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