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Crop circles to be 'deciphered'
Post by jenny on Feb 9th, 2004, 05:59am

Crop circles to be 'deciphered'

PUNE: Those with a special interest in extra-terrestrial (ET) life may now shift their attention for a while from the American rovers currently roaming Martian terrain.

Nearer home, they could attend Francin e Blake’s presentation, ‘Crop circles’, at the S.M. Joshi hall at 10 am on Sunday.

The leading UK-based researcher on the baffling phenomenon is currently on a lecture tour of western India.

Crop circles are named after complex and beautiful geometric patterns found to have been carved in a wide variety of crops and other vegetation across the globe.

They have also been found on earth, sand, ice and snow. In an exclusive interview on Thursday, Blake said, the circles have been appearing with increasing frequency since the late eighties.

Many formations since then have been 250-400 feet. Some of the largest circles, seen so far, were the ones at the Milk Hill in England. As many a 409 circles, with diameters as large as 70 feet appeared there in 2001.

According to Blake, crop circles have been noticed and documented in the US, Canada, Germany and other parts of the world.

Although mystery continues to surround the circles, researchers like Blake are certain they are not manmade. According to her, the circles appear overnight and sometimes within seconds.

"Sometimes, we keep vigil over a misty farm. There is poor visibility. Suddenly the mist clears and a crop circle appears over the farm from absolutely nowhere. We are convinced that these have been created by a force and energy that that we do not understand."

What makes the circles even more intriguing, is the fact that it has been scientifically proved that the circles have affected the cellular structure of plants and the chemical composition of the soil, in a positive manner.

"We have made several laboratory tests and have arrived at the conclusion that the productivity of the plants where a crop circle has been sighted, has improved significantly," says Blake.

According to her, the circles emit a powerful,mysterious energy,which is known to damage electronic equipment like cameras.