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Study Suggests Energy, Not Teens, Made Crop Circle
Post by Noah on Dec 3rd, 2003, 8:59pm

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Study Suggests Energy, Not Teens, Made Crop Circles

By Bay City News Service

FAIRFIELD, CA - A five-month study has concluded that the mysterious crop circles that appeared in a Solano County wheat field in June were not the work of
four teenage boys who claimed they made them as a hoax.

Steve Moreno of Psi Applications, a group that describes itself as researchers of paranormal, UFO and metaphysical phenomena, will discuss the results of
the group's investigation at a news conference Wednesday afternoon in Fairfield.

The investigation concludes the 'hoax was a hoax.'

'We've concluded that it's highly unlikely that four teenage boys could have made the large, complex crop circle that appeared on June 28 in Larry
Balestra's field. The scientific data, and our ongoing investigation, tend to point towards some other, perhaps anomalous, unknown source,' founder and director Moreno said on Psi Applications' Web site.

'The physical changes in the wheat stalks can't be duplicated. It's a phenomenon,' Moreno said Tuesday evening. He suggested a form of energy, possibly
plasma energy, caused the crop circle formations.

The four teenagers allegedly claimed they made the circles but could not take responsibility for them because three of them are on probation and didn't
want to get in trouble with police.

They also reportedly said they made the circles using boards and rope on a moonlit night, but there was a new moon on June 29, meaning there would have
been virtually no moonlight on June 27.

Psi Applications investigators also claim local law enforcement officers did not give much credence to the boys' story.

The investigation found statistically significant differences in the elongation of growth nodes of wheat samples taken within and without the crop circle

'Only microwave energies have duplicated the effects shown in the growth nodes of formation samples,' Moreno said.

A ball of light also was reported above the main formation on June 27. Balls of light have previously been reported, photographed and videotaped hovering
over crop circles elsewhere, investigators say.

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