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How to make a crop circle
Post by Lucy on Oct 25th, 2003, 10:53pm

Is is real, or is it not ? This is the question in this site.


Re: How to make a crop circle
Post by immortal1 on Jun 3rd, 2004, 07:37am

Has anyone ever tried to make one?
Re: How to make a crop circle
Post by franky on Sep 22nd, 2004, 5:56pm

I never made crop circles ..but I did work in a corn field and a bird feed field pulling tops off of those plants and I can tell you....IT SUUUCCCCCKS! when your walking in between the rows,you get hit by the growing plants arms and leg's.... You know what I mean!, bitten by bugs,bumped into by field varments and ugly Spiders, fall all over yourself from tripping on stuff ect. and from unnoticed holes in the ground ..If anyone is stupid enough to go through that then by all means make my day.But Most of the circles are, made from the sky or something landing and having someone hang or something while doing this....Other wise it is done with tractors...Even President Bush and Kerry where just shown in crop formation made by a farmer...Thats different then what they have been finding.I chased our own heifer through a corn field
once and I will never again..I rather let my nieghbor eat him!
for the other ones in questionhuh?
No foot prints,In the dark?"They must be stupid zombies on drugs or somthing?"radiation,magnetic field,weird lights ect.... There is deffenetly something wrong with that picture! Don't you think?