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Mar 24th, 2018, 11:32pm

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xx Please help find new CC's. Comments welcomed.
« Thread started on: Oct 25th, 2003, 09:55am »

TEXTTEXTPlease express your opinions & Please lend a hand in finding new CC's.

It is my belief that crop circles are drawn by advanced ET's in an effort to contact us in as peaceful a manner as is possible. When I was an active employee I was a mechanical design engineer. I am now no more then a retired old coot that by chance happened across a website that presented photographs of crop circles. One look & I was hooked. Those designs have meaning there not doodles drawn by bored aliens on lunch breaks. Those designs represent something tangible was the first thought I had. Relying on my prior designing experiences it is I disagreeumption that the majority of them represent physical devices that we are in sore need of. I am referring to "soon to be innovated" inventions and/or processes that we are on the verge of discovering on our own. - Take for example the common depiction of three dots connected together by lines. One dot is larger then the other two that comprise this cluster. Note that in many instances the angle of incidence between the center of the larger dot and the two smaller dots is about 110 degrees. It so happens that a water molecule's hydrogen atoms spaced at 110 degrees angle relative to each other. Also: An oxygen atom is eight times the size of either of the two hydrogen atoms that comprise a complete water molecule. - Bluntly: This configuration appears to be a drawing of a water molecule. These connected three dot configurations are usually adjacent to multiple configurations portraying unconnected dots of the same size as the connected ones. But,,, with the inclusion of a wave pattern betwixt the two varying configurations of connected & unconnected dots. - How would that be interpreted? Well,, it so happens that I have designed several devices called magnetrons over the years. Magnetrons are microwave generators that rely on the interaction between a high voltage electron flow in conjunction with a magnetic field. The electrons flow from a central emitter outwards whilst within a circular magnetic field. The electrons cause the magnetic field to resonate about specifically configured "resonation chambers" that resemble pieces of a pie about the central electron emitter. These resonation chambers are connected to an antenna that transmits the resultant resonation's outward. These resonation's are in the microwave area of the electromagnetic spectrum. The exact frequency of the generated microwave radiation's is determined by a variety of factors such as the voltage forcing the electrons against the magnetic field, the composition of the resonation chambers, and the strength of the magnetic field. But all magnetrons have one thing in common. They all force the emitted electrons to travel in a spiral path through the magnetic lines of force. Magnetism inhibits electron flow and forces the electrons to take a spiral route rather then a direct route between terminals. That spiral route is depicted in a great number of crop circles. Not only that but several crop circles depict exactly what a magnetrons "guts" look like. By simply putting the two crop circle configurations together it can be ascertained that what the circle makers are telling us is that microwave radiation ought to be employed to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The only thing they do not give us is the frequency needed to most efficiently do that. But,,, by employing a bit of mathematics that frequency is not hard to determine. A water molecule ought to interact best with microwave radiation of about 2.68 GHZ. - This is just one example of one device I have discovered in crop circle designs. There's now a total of nine such devices. Each as fantastic as this one. - The cumulative realization however, supersedes any individual device's repercussion. Because here we are faced with the realization that an ET people are not only trying to help us, BUT ARE ALSO TRYING TO CONTACT US! THAT FACT supersedes whatever effect any individual new innovation may have upon us. To establish relations with an advanced ET people would be the greatest single event in modern history. - It is my belief that crop circles be regarded as invitations to be responded to . - NOT by drawing counter crop circles in crop, but instead simply placing a cloth sheet within an authentic crop circle with proper symbols of friendship drawn on it. And/or sheets portraying that we understand what that particular crop circle represents. - I'm asking the readers of this note to notify me ASAP should you learn of a recent crop circle in Wisconsin. I can most likely get to it in one day and will do my best to properly respond. Comments are welcome no matter what you think of this idea. Thank You - Tom Sutter
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xx Re: Please help find new CC's. Comments welcomed.
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Tom sent me a photo of a crop circle. To see it, go to:
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