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Bigfoot search live on-line broadcast
Post by TheHat on Aug 3rd, 2005, 5:27pm

For anyone interested in bigfoot, check out

They are offering live webcast of a bigfoot search in California.

I don't know how credible the people involved are, but it seems they've been after bigfoot for a while.
Re: Bigfoot search live on-line broadcast
Post by wolfmanrob on Aug 3rd, 2005, 11:38pm

there used to be a show on the outdoor life network called mysterious sightings with autunm williams a cryto zooligist they would track these creatures through out the united states woodlands setting up cameras amungst other equipment i never saw an episode where they got something on camera.But heard loud screams,screeches deep in the woods from something they also found hair samples that specialists say was ligit apelike hair which proves something might be roaming the forests of unknown origin.possibly a sasquatch.