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Lots of woodland!
Post by wolfmanrob on Jun 20th, 2005, 12:24am

There is so much woodland in the united states it is possible for a ape like creature to elude mankind,you never know what lurks in the woods at night thats what they probablydo bed down duing the day move around at night under the safety of darkness.if you've ever seen that shoe with Autum Williams on the outdoor chanel she's a cryptozooligist some of her shows are pretty cool she's made me a believer of ape like creatures in the wild in the U.S.A
Re: Lots of woodland!
Post by coach on Dec 2nd, 2005, 11:45pm

Just for instance, Years ago when I use to deer hunt. We were doing a walking drive through a wooded area one day. Well,..............I walked right by a deer that was 10 feet away & never noticed it until it started to creep away in the dirrection that we had come from! I never pulled the trigger & let it go!

So I do think that they can be right under our noses & never realize it! rolleyes