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best hunting grounds for bigfoot?
Post by blackwatch on Feb 26th, 2005, 10:38am

i would really like to shoot one of these big hairy buggers.i have a substantial arsenal and am capable of starting my own little war,so bagging a yeti or parts there of would be a blast! grin heard they are next to impossible to track to a kill. a good food bait/drug/poison combination perhaps for a start,land mines/spring guns in small groups around spore sites. sizemic sensors , closed circuit cams and night vision for hunting on stand. hell-yeah!!get'n hot for a blood trail!i'm thinking that as yet they're an unprotected species so a small game license should work.ha! ha!just kidding i would never kill something just to see what makes it tick,unless maybe they would be worth$$$$$$$$$$ wink