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Triangle Puncture Marks
Post by FiftySense on Aug 17th, 2005, 2:22pm

I wanted to discuss something ive noticed over about a half a year. About 6 months ago I was about to take a shower when I noticed three puncture marks in the shape of a triangle on my right inner thigh. I thought it was odd because the puncture marks were perfectly the same in diameter and the triangle was perfectly shaped. Finally I dismissed it because I had no dreams or nightmares of an abuction. Last night, I noticed the same exact pattern of puncture marks of the same size, this time on the outside of my right leg between the knee and the foot. I was obviously freaked out but I cannot recall any abduction or bad dreams. Although the next day I was extremely tired. If anyone can help me understand this please respond to: tribalsword@hotmail.com

I doubt that I will return to this board so please respond to the email address because I could really use some answers, thanks