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Haunting memory of a visit?
Post by InsanelySo on May 19th, 2004, 02:42am

This is my first time posting my experience anywhere, so far only family and a few select friends have been told about this.

When I was in my early teens, I had a strange 'dream', and a scary experience afterwards. To be honest it's probably the only dream I can really remember still, and it's been at least 15 years. I'll try to explain it with as much detail as I can.

It starts out with my mom and I returning home from somewhere in our car, pulling in our driveway. When I got out of the car, I could hear this humming sound, almost musical. I looked up in the sky, and I saw a huge globe/spherical ship.. Now this ship wasnt very close, it was obviously high up in the sky, if not in space. I could see small points of light coming off the ship down to the surface of the planet, and a few returning to it. I couldnt see any features on the small lights, but the big ship... had bands of light on it, rotating and blinking with yellows, blues & reds. Shocked to hell, I yell to my mom who looks up and sees it too. We're both scared, and head into the back door of the house. At this point in the dream, I remember that the air has a very heavy ozone smell to it, like after a bunch of good lightning storms. Ascending the stairway into the back of our house, and then entering the kitchen.. I felt something was very wrong. From our kitchen, I could look down the hallway into the living room at the end of the house, and I saw my father and sister standing, kind of just staring blankly. At this point I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a black shape moved... my mom yelled, and I turned around to see on top of the door that I had just entered through, a black cat-like HUMANOID... I only got to look at it for a split second and then, for lack of better words, it leaped into/onto me...

At this point, I woke up.. VERY relieved that it was a dream. I chalked it up to my normal overactive imagination, and forgot about it for the rest of the day. The only strange thing at that point, was that I had slept in for a looong, long time.

Later on that night, for some reason I decided to watch the news with my parents, probably bored to tears with nothing else to do. On the news, the very day after the night of my dream, they started to talk about UFO's seen around the area. It caught my attention, my dream slowly coming back to me.. They spoke of crafts being sighted, and THEN, they said they even had eyewitnesses who had SEEN the aliens themselves.. Then they showed a hand sketched picture , from mid chest up, of a CAT faced being!! Immediately, I freaked out, scaring my family because they had no idea about my dream. After I calmed down for a few minutes, I told them what happened.

Strangely, I let the incident disappear into my mind for all these years, until a year or 2 ago it came back into my mind, very fresh like it was just yesterday. Maybe I was too young to handle it and I repressed it.. Anyways.. up until that point, the only thing I knew about aliens were the typical 'gray' faced being.. and that was only because I'd seen a cover of Communion. I never really cared or sought information on aliens...... How did I have such a vivid dream of these cat faced beings, and then see it on the news that day? I cant explain it. The picture I saw on the news was EXACTLY what was in my dream. I'll try to explain the features a bit better: Black body, very thin, but they moved with lightning speed, almost like living shadows. 2 arms, 2 legs, a long tail, pointy cat ears, and I remember piercing green eyes. The head was tufted like it had fur, but it was so BLACK that I couldnt see any real features, or hair.

To this day, my mom or dad dont remember me panicking. My sister now finally remembers me freaking out, but it took some deep thought on it.

I've been looking for the past few years on the net, at people's experiences, but I've never seen anything like what I saw. If anyone from this area just happens to remember that news broadcast, or ANYTHING, please reply! Im open to answer any questions about the subject.

This probably happened from 1986-1989, I dont remember exactly how old I was.. but it was definitely before '89.
Re: Haunting memory of a visit?
Post by Jenna on Aug 11th, 2004, 5:07pm

Sorry but no, but I understand where you are coming from Iam young 17 and I had this dream in the year 2003 and now its 2004.But anyway I dreamn't that I was in the kitchen wiht my mom and I was helping her wash dishes and my sisters was playing around;now something caought my attention and I looked out hte window and seen a glowing red hovering craft in the air. It was pretty big, now something shot out of it and flew through are kitchen window everybody ducked and started looking around and I was screaming when it went through our window; I seen that it was a little craft hovering around us,so I ran and looked up out our kitchen window and seen a HUGE one sitting outside by our window glowing.As if waiting for that little one to pick us up,so it can fly inside the big one to aducted us. Than I woke up shaking and dripping with sweat. I was so scared that I ran to the bathroom and checked all over me to see any sign's of a aduction marks.