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Mantis Entities
Post by taldwarf on Feb 11th, 2004, 03:39am

Interesting article, url follows the beginning of it.
Bill shocked

Graying Mantis
by Martin S. Kotttmeyer
What, I wonder, is the desired reaction of an author who asks a question like, "Was Jehovah perhaps a praying mantis being?" The ufologist asking this question is one Joe Lewels and to all appearances he is not kidding. He frames his question in a context of mysteries about why God would not reveal his countenance to his chosen ones like Moses. Answer yes and the Israelites would have been horrified. He points out that a sect called the Mandaeans believed that the physical world was created and ruled over by a Lord of Darkness variously known as Snake, Dragon, Monster, and Giant.
In April 1996, Lewels met a lady he calls Rebecca Grant who developed a relationship with a mantis being she nicknamed MU. His more formal designation was Master of the Universe. It tells her that in about twenty years we will suffer the full extent of the ecological damage humanity did to the ozone layer and the oceans. "The human race is essentially, if not actually, extinct."1 It is an old message, but the messenger at least is new, indeed strangely so. Where earlier couriers were blonde-haired utopians or bulgy-brained grays, the twist of having a prophet appear as a big space bug is distinctly surreal.
To say this was chosen to make the message more credible or authoritative sounds doubtful if you are not familiar with the arcana of ufology. Frankly, people new to ufology would be well within the bounds of conventional propriety to think Lewels and Rebecca are certifiable. Man-sized praying mantises are strictly impossible by any reasonable standards of biology. The limbs would collapse. The innards could not get oxygen. Organs would compress and burst. Should humans care about the eco-philosophy of something as nasty as an insect, let alone one famed for its cannibalistic love feasts? This is a test of tolerance only the hardiest, or tenderest, of liberals would embrace.
Embracing the idea that God is a praying mantis is so far out there it sucks for humor. If God is a praying mantis, what is IT praying to? If a man prays to a mantis, do you realize it is a prayer to prey-er? Hey, do realize this finally explains Huxley’s saying that God had an inordinate fondness for beetles!
With that out of my system, we can get down to a more serious question. How did ufology reach this surrealistic milestone in its ascent to newer, improved madnesses? There is some history here I feel is worth delving into. Rebecca’s MU is not the first praying mantis alien on the ufological scene. They have become numerous enough in recent years to appear in several taxonomies as a distinct type, race, or species.2 There are at least 26 cases of people seeing or encountering praying mantis aliens that I can cite.
What immediately stands out in considering this race is how very new it is to ufology. UFO case catalogues compiled by the Lorenzens, Bowen, Vallee, and Bloecher in the 1960s and 1970s show not one instance of a praying mantis alien among the hundreds of entities they collected.3 Bullard’s exhaustive study of all abduction cases up through 1985 similarly does not tally a single instance of a praying mantis alien being reported among those 270 studied.4 There are pre-1990s grasshopper-headed aliens that have been reclassified as mantis aliens by certain ufologists. This might be inspired by the sensibility that led Aleister Crowley to versify that praying mantises are just blaspheming grasshoppers. It comes across as sloppy, however, and invites misunderstandings.


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Post by Jean on Feb 11th, 2005, 04:56am

Hi taldwarf !

on Feb 11th, 2004, 03:39am, taldwarf wrote:
There are at least 26 cases of people seeing or encountering praying mantis aliens that I can cite.

do you have links on these 26 cases ?

Re: Mantis Entities
Post by Leah on Jul 23rd, 2010, 09:38am

ugh...that reminds me of my "dream" i had. mantis = leader, perhaps?