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How to prevent an abduction
Post by Lucy on Oct 27th, 2003, 7:28pm

I don't know if this would work, I think if "they" want you they take you, but here is a site that has suggestions on how to prevent being abducted.

Re: How to prevent an abduction
Post by Noah on Oct 28th, 2003, 4:59pm

Hi Lucy,

That site was interesting. I do believe abductions are occurring. I also believe that if these aliens are from another planet and are technologically advanced enough to take us out of our own homes in the middle of the night w/out leaving any traces of themselves as evidence, then sprinkling salt by our beds, buying funky candles, and surrounding your bed with iron bars, won't accomplish much at all. I've heard the theory before that prayer works, which he states on that site also. It is my belief (and my belief only) that prayer does not work, that the aliens somehow shut off a person's memory of what happens after the prayer is said. It doesn't make sense to me that earth-based religions are honored by people/aliens of other planets. And if the aliens are "evil" as some people have stated, simply telling them you believe in God or Jesus would make them do nothing more than laugh at you. Just my 2 cents.


Re: How to prevent an abduction
Post by taldwarf on Nov 4th, 2003, 11:43am

I'd have to second that with a BIG DITTO!
I once asked Budd Hopkins in an online call in interview if he had any clues about this and he said, Chuckling, 'That to the best of his knowledge, nothing worked.' Now you'd figure someone who'd regressed 700 some odd people would hear something about stopping them. Fact is, as even David Jacobs had said, sometimes, your not even aware you've ever been abducted, so how could you stop something your not aware of.
I'd also heard my friend, Dr. Jim Mortellaro, in a radio interview with Hopkins on Rense's program cuss these entities out, using almost every cuss word and religious pleadings in any book and the process he was undergoing was continued to be carried out.
So, who ever wrote that, we can now bring the messenger in to shoot them. Good luck trying IT if you feel it will help. cool
Re: How to prevent an abduction
Post by trazzie on Nov 10th, 2003, 1:11pm

Ive read a couple of christian style books (ie)Bibles and in one of them (not a quote)but a sumerization with an open end
That God created many beings entities angels and life forms.so why if that is true.would they not respect the prayer to the (One)And live in fear the same as anything
else.Includeing ghosts devils and demons.equals and oppisites,sames and differents.No matter what parralell they came from.And would'nt each planet or universe have a bible explaneing how long it took the (One) to create it.Also ...Im jumping around a bit...But would'nt good and evil exist within each paradox.If alieans were only evil would'nt all parrallels be in danger and no god to help.Or if they are pure in goodness then what are we afraid of .So if all the people who say these things dont exist.Then people like me are truly hallucinating.But on the flip side.If people like myself are not then they are truly blind.ether way it's left up to the individuall to decide what he/she percieves reality to be.and I personally dont need the government makeing that deciesion for me .(explanation) If I were to see something land,fall from the sky I would not report it to the police the airforce or any government body .Because we are all crazy.Were all high on swamp gas. were all haveing the very same hallucination at the same time.Crop circles, sightings, encounters, abductions,
ghosts, bigfoot, lights in the night sky,.God no God .
All a hoax.If thats the case,and the case is true then life is a hoax that has been playing since the begining of life.So to BE lieve or not to BE lieve that is the question.
I would love to hear your replies all are welcome.P.S. if your Big Foot I was only jokeing Your Pal Trazzie wink
Re: How to prevent an abduction
Post by trazzie on Nov 10th, 2003, 2:22pm

I was afraid Id run out of room typeing .So to finnish. While I was in Germany in the early 70's I started haveing out of body experiences .Just another one of the many strange experiences Ive had in my life at first I thought I had passed away.And wondered what my
parents were going to say about a soldier who just passed away without a fight without being in a fight just to simply lay down and die.Then I wondered what if Im not dead. How do I get back into my body. At that split second I fell back in . Later on in life after a few more episodes.I ask for help from the milly shrink he directed me to a book on witchcraft.(go figure)I never read the book but I got on my knees and ask God to take away the power I had .(I was afraid I wouldnt use the power for good)ie. invisible trips to the girls shower rooms >I was seventeen at the time.<All of a sudden I felt as if I was at peace or one with the whole universe
life became lighter for me less of a struggle, easier.
I suddenly understood all the things that were bothering me and I knew who I was.I was an experiencer and life is the experience.Too simple for a mind like mine to understand.I expected harder answers more tricky details, twists hidden facts.
The milly shrink could'nt help me he had no experience in this field.I presume he thought I was looking for a section 8.And sent me on my way with some foolishness about the black forest and witchcraft.Or did he.(MILLY SHRINK) millitary psycoligist.So I believe if it works here it just might work elswhere.Presuming we went somewhere else.After all they'er comeing here we are not going there.YET.Yours Truly Trazzie P.S.If your God .I know your proud of me for not sneekin peeks at the girls.