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Post by Lucy on Oct 26th, 2003, 12:59am

I run into many people who talk about dealings they have had with beings not of this world. Some stories are harmless, some are not.

One conclusion that I have come to, after hearing the many stories that I have, is if they are being abducted, they are not being treated any differently then we treat most "lifeforms" around us.

I remember way back, I believe it was Bic (pens) used to put ink into rabbits eyes, just to see what it would do.
They have stopped that now. This is just one example of testing that is done to animals.

I suppose to them, testing is just part of their science.

Not all abducties that I have meet had bad experiences. They refer to them more as a learning experience.

It seems the different races of alien do different things to their abducties.

Like with everything else, there are good ones as well as bad.

Re: Abductions
Post by jwb on Oct 29th, 2003, 10:21pm

Lucy, Sometimes I think that they treat you as you are. If you are mean, they are mean. If want to fight , they want to fight. If you are interested, they are interested. They react to your thoughts, whatever they are! But on the other hand they do tend to ignore you no matter what you say or think! Perhaps different aliens react differently! JWB