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Alien Channeling
Post by Noah on Oct 18th, 2003, 12:46pm


I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on alien channeling. Do you think its real? Have you had experiences with it? I've not witnessed anyone doing the actual channeling, I've read many books about it though.

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by taldwarf on Oct 27th, 2003, 05:05am

Hi Jenny,
And after you'd read all those books, what did you come to as a conclusion and be mindful of this, we'd like you to give us your honest opinions. LOL!
(NOTE: It's so big you can drive a Mack truck through it sideways!)

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by Noah on Oct 27th, 2003, 06:33am

Hi Bill,

Well, since you asked smiley

I believe that anything is possible, whether its actually happening or not, I tend to doubt. The concept of alien channeling seems rather far-fetched to me. To think that advanced beings would travel however many light years to get to Earth, and then talk telepathically ONLY to "certain" individuals, giving the same information that's already in the bible, only re-hashed & more pleasant, seems absurd. This isn't to say its not possible, just that it seems unlikely to actually happen. I have asked questions to people who channel, such as "why do the aliens only talk to select individuals", and "why can't the aliens tell us something we don't know in the hopes of proving themselves", and I've not gotten any satisfactory answers. Also, all of the channeled transcripts I've seen online and in books are extremely vague, there's nothing in there to make me think a more advanced being is talking to us.

Just my 2 cents smiley


Re: Alien Channeling
Post by ears on Oct 27th, 2003, 06:49am

I'd just like to address an assumption that I see made over and over and over about aliens and channeling.

People keep on saying "if they are such advanced beings..." Doesn't that seem very bigoted? It presumes that we are inferior. Just because they are in a different position, that doesn't make them better.

For sake of analogy, is a single mother without a car an inferior person to a stockbroker with a BMW? They are both people, just in different positions. Just because the ETs have neater stuff doesn't mean they are better than us spiritually.

I have seen a number of aliens channeled. One in particular says there is NO WAY he'd want to live on earth and go through what we do. Now, doesn't that make us tougher than him? We are in the game, they are just coaches.

As far as them just talking to certain people, it is because of an agreement before birth. It also comes with responsibility. Jenny, if you were able to have a channeled contact, would you be willing to give up your job and house to relay the messages you get around the world the best you can?


Re: Alien Channeling
Post by Noah on Oct 27th, 2003, 06:53am

I have to head out but wanted to reply real quick to one statement you made. You said:

"As far as them just talking to certain people, it is because of an agreement before birth. It also comes with responsibility. Jenny, if you were able to have a channeled contact, would you be willing to give up your job and house to relay the messages you get around the world the best you can?"

My answer: yes I would, ina heartbeat. For the past 2 years I've given up a lot of things, including any semblance of having a life, to devote all my spare time to running UFOWisconsin. I don't think people have a clue how much time & energy I've devoted to that site. That is partially what makes me doubt the existence of channeling . . . any alien who is looking for a good spokesperson, a motivated person willing to do the hard work to get the message out, would come visit me. wink


PS. I'll reply more to this later

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by Noah on Oct 27th, 2003, 11:18am


I'd like to address another point. In reference to what you said:

"People keep on saying "if they are such advanced beings..." Doesn't that seem very bigoted? It presumes that we are inferior. Just because they are in a different position, that doesn't make them better. "

True, being advanced does not make them 'better', and I never said it did. However, would you say people alive on earth today are smarter about certain things than they were say 100 years ago? Along with advancing technologically does come advancement in our mentalities (true, not all). However, if these aliens have the power to travel through the galaxies, something we can only dream about, that does make them smarter in certain regards. Why would they use their advanced technology to talk to only certain individuals? That's the part that doesn't make sense to me. This has nothing to do with us or them being better, simply stating that if all the talk about aliens is true, they are smarter, aka more advanced, technologically, than we currently are. And to me, spirituality has yet to come into this. I simply find it amusing that all the channeled material is spiritual in nature, mostly rehashes of what we already know. So in that case, why even bother coming to earth? If we haven't gotten it by now we probably won't, rewording it doesn't make it sink in any deeper into our thick skulls.


Re: Alien Channeling
Post by ears on Feb 11th, 2004, 08:07am

As far as why they only talk to certain people, I don't know and I personally disagree with that policy. But I don't understand why. I have asked about it and gotten somewhat vague answers.

Hi Jenny, just a thought about the topic. You wrote:

"to me, spirituality has yet to come into this. I simply find it amusing that all the channeled material is spiritual in nature, mostly rehashes of what we already know."

Perhaps think about it like, hmm, not sure if this is a good analogy or not, but when you learned math in school, the teacher perhaps had a good share in showing you how to do it. Now, you could say that you could have just read a math book and learn it just the same. You could also say "this just rehashes what we already know."

But it's just a manner of passing down information. The teacher didn't invent math, they learned it the same way you did. Would they complain if you said 2+2=4 that you stole the idea from them? I don't think so, I think they'd be happy that you learned that fact.

I think the aliens are similar. They see a different perspective, and try to cover our blindspots. But part of channeling is them learning from us also.

But even though I've come to believe channeling is real (and it took quite a while) if a channeled source told me that 2+2=4, I'd certainly want to verify that by looking at sources that I could touch and feel.

Maybe these alien sources want us to do the same? To just attempt to give us the push toward actually working to find our own answers?

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by jenny on Feb 11th, 2004, 5:20pm

Well your analogy of learning math in school doesn't cut it. A teacher at a school teaches a whole class of student, they do not teach 1 individual student & then expect that student to proselytize the information & teach it to the others students.

I've known a few people who do channeling, but I also have read up on the subject from books, watching documentaries, searching sites on the net, etc., and while I think anything is possible, I don't think alien channeling is a very plausible phenomenon.

Other comments I hear from channelers that don't cut it are:

1) you wouldn't believe us unless we brought you a piece of the ship

this is not true, period. There are many ways it could be proven to me, which I have mentioned some of the ways to some of the channelers and they simply won't do it.

2) the aliens are spiritual beings simply trying to help us find our way

this is not true, period. If it was, they would teach ALL of us, not a select few. The problem is that in the same example of the math teacher, if the math teacher taught just me & then told me to teach others , how good of a job would I do? Definitely not as good as the real teacher, I may have misunderstood things, I may have forgotten things, and I may get an ego complex thinking I'm just as good as a teacher who has a degree even if I'm not.

I could go on & on but I worked very late tonight and am tired. Bottom line is there is 1 surefire way to get me to believe in alien channeling, and that is: have the alien tell me something about myself that NOBODY else would know. Easy. Simple. Doesn't require a piece of a ship either. Yet somehow, I know for a fact no channeler will take me up on that. Wonder why? wink

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by ears on Feb 12th, 2004, 11:41am

Jenny wrote:

"I could go on & on but I worked very late tonight and am tired. Bottom line is there is 1 surefire way to get me to believe in alien channeling, and that is: have the alien tell me something about myself that NOBODY else would know. Easy. Simple. Doesn't require a piece of a ship either. Yet somehow, I know for a fact no channeler will take me up on that. Wonder why?"

Jim responds:
I agree with you on that one, about the people who have been in contact seeming to keep the information to themselves and consider it their property. If it's universal info, it's universal and everyone should have access to it and be able to use their brains combined with their everyday experience to determine if it's right or wrong.

Of course then what convinced me that a channeled source was actually real was telling me something that no one knew, so I can agree with your point, as I once agreed on that myself.

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by jenny on Feb 12th, 2004, 11:46am

Hi Jim,

Doesn't it strike you as odd that the aliens only talk to a select few? Doesn't it also strike you as odd that the select few do all they can to keep the info & the alien all to themselves? Doesn't it strike you odd that the channelers get this information from allegedly intelligent alien beings who have monitored us for eons & know the type of society we live in, yet nobody ever gives anything to back up what they say? THey never give any new information or anything startling - only vague rehashes of biblical stuff? Too many oddities for me to give this any more serious consideration.


Re: Alien Channeling
Post by starbound on Apr 28th, 2004, 8:00pm

Hi. I came across this site while doing a search on like subjects, and would like to try to clear some things up, but note of a thing or two first. First of all we all have our own beliefs on everything, and should just all agree to disagree(as the world would be a better place),second when ppl who do not believe in something say to those who do "prove it" I say to them disprove it smiley Anyway smiley Select fewhuh travel lightyearshuh Say the same things that we already know? Well folks aren't these the things that are deemed most important of all things, and aren't we still so blind to them, and until we actually do come to understand such things do we move on? Such entities don't just pick a select few, or at that rate(although they surely can and most likely do) travel lightyears. There is no distance when it comes to thought, and not everyone is aware that this can be harnessed and used insuch a way(mediums so to speak have this) Did God just select a few, or was it that just certian ppl could hear God? Take a radio with no antenna, what do you get, now attach an antenna to it. Same thing smiley Hope some of this may help, as it's not anything to do with lightyears,select few, or repeated messages that seem to mean nothing smiley Jim
Re: Alien Channeling
Post by jenny on Apr 28th, 2004, 8:16pm

Hi there,

Each of us has the right to believe in things. The problem I have with alien channeling is this: IF the aliens are channeling with humans, this is one of the single most important things to ever happen in the history of the world. This could end all arguments of whether there is life out there; this could solve a lot of mysteries. If someone wants to believe aliens are talking to them, fine, but if that same person builds a website about it or writes a book about it or in some way tries to tell as many people as possible, then the burder of proof is on that person. We live in a world where proof is necessary in our daily lives at lots of levels. Why would this be any different? If someone wants to just have fun and believe they are Luke Skywalker or a hobbit, fine, but don't be trying to tell me aliens have selected you as a spokesperson without something to back it up.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"

And remember - the burden of proof is on the one making the claims, not those of us stuck listening to the senseless drivel.

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by starbound on Apr 28th, 2004, 9:22pm

thx for replying. On who's authority is the burder of proof put on the believer? I will just ask this one question of you? I am not one to debate for I feel others must discover things for themselves(experience is the best proof of all) Anyway, Do you believe there is a God? If so what proof do you establish this on? Faith.
A book? There's no difference for thos who follow such a belief, but have a hard time even being open to anything that offers anything more, or in some way seems challenging. I fully understand your view of the matter. As I said I do not debate such issues, however I do, and will relate to one's interested in such ventures smiley Thank you very much for your time smiley
Re: Alien Channeling
Post by starbound on Apr 28th, 2004, 9:55pm

I forgot to add this to my last post. Please pardon me on that. The proof that people so desire can be right infront of them, yet they will not see it. It's not that hard to understand why either. Aliens, as you all so kindly put it have been giving mankind proof since the begining of man. How is this proof seen by the ones who claim they want it? A hoax,a creative imagination
a dream, it goes on and on. If you so desire proof, then open you mind, hold back on your beliefs interposing, refrain from getting defensive( name calling, giving labels) and perhaps you will find it, in the history books
and in the here and now. A blind man picked up a hammer and saw smiley thank you again, Jim
Re: Alien Channeling
Post by jenny on Apr 29th, 2004, 05:38am

Hello again. Let's use an example here. Let's say you walk out of your house & see someone in the act of smashing your windshield. You call the cops, They arrest the man. You press charges. You go to the court, and tell the judge "this man damaged my car, I saw it with my own eyes". The judge will say "ok, show me your proof". You will say "well I didn't take any pictures or hire a lawyer or get other witnesses because heck, I saw him do it, don't need much more proof than that do ya?" What do you think the judge will do? He'll dismiss the case for lack of evidence. I could go on & on with various examples of how proof is required in our daily lives, but won't bore you.

I thought I made myself clear inmy other post but I guess I didn't. If you want to believe that aliens are communicating with you, that is fine & I have no problem with it. However, when you start 'preaching' that info to others, via the internet, a written book, or standing up in front of people giving a lecture on it, or in any way telling others about it, THEN the burden of proof is on you, because extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I believe a lot of things, but I don't start crusades about them. The problem here is, belief does not equal truth. What would you think if I told you that the sun rises in the West where I live? It does, every day, every morning, the sun rises in the west. You want a picture? Sorry can't do that. You want some proof? Sorry can't do that either. Just believe. That's what you're asking me to do. You're telling me an outrageous tale & then refusing to back it up with anything. For some reason channelers adamantly refuse questions on their tales either. Makes me rather suspicious.

As for saying people overlook the truth that is right in front of them, I disagree. I think that is a cop-out answer regarding the aliens. My other favorite cop out answer is "you wouldn't believe us if we showed you a piece of the ship". There are very very simply ways to prove that channeling is true, yet I have not found a single channeler willing to stand up to the test.

I'd also like to state that if I was channeling an alien, I'd be shouting that information from the rooftops, but I'd also be willing to answer questions about it, because I'd have nothing to hide. Yet the channelers don't like being questioned & tend to preach to those already who believe. People who refuse to answer questions obviously have something to hide. Think about that.

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by starbound on Apr 29th, 2004, 10:50am

Again thank you for your reply. Let's talk about repeated information as is stated that always is given. Is this not what every post so far has been. Now let's move on to answering questions. Twice now you have avoided my questions concerning God. I take it that,1, either u don't believe, or 2, you are like you claim these ppl do avoiding the question, as extradonary claims require extradonary evidencehuh So hence when ppl say these things that have such a belief they contridict themselves. I don't say that I chanel with aliens, but I am not so quick to disregard things as nonsense, based on what doesn't seem to be able to given as good enough proof. If I did then in turn wouldn't I be questioning my faith, whatecer that may be? So to do most of the ppl that think like you(which is completely fine smiley Think about that if u do indeed believe in a creator, and choose to follow that. What's the difference. Again, as u say channelers do, this will be avoided. As far as proof, u say the same things, ppl will say this, or that, they dodge questions. It doesn't matter like I said what proof you get, an alien could knock on your door, give you greetings, take you on board their ship and fly you to the moon. and? You would have all the proof you need, but it would be explained away. You would convince yourself that it was an extradonary vivid dream. It's all about denial, and refusing to be open to anything other then what you have been acustomed to. Who preaches, tries to cram this down ppl's throats? Who would not teach such a thing to people who only believe? How about this, ppl with open minds, ppl not set in their ways to the point that my above example of proof still not good enough! That's a waste of time, which could be used for ppl who at least approach it with an open mind. What question would you ask of a medium, a channeler, either who claims to recieve information from aliens,God
loved ones that have crossed over? Until you decide to move on, and not try to prove yourself by the same words, how can u expect others to do the same? For instance, let me say this on a last note. You say only to believers they teach, does one sour apple always have to spoil the bunch. I am offer my time, and what knowledge I have on these sort of things, but you don't ask questions that I haven't already answered? Stop wanting proof long enough to ask these dreaded questions that everyone seems to avoid? smiley Thank you again for your time wink Jim
Re: Alien Channeling
Post by jenny on Apr 29th, 2004, 11:19am

I have not replied to your statements regarding God because I feel mixing God & aliens is like mixing apples and oranges. I do not feel that the 2 topics go together. I do believe in God, I don't believe in religion. I also think even atheists have to admit to "something" having created this planet. As to aliens, that's a whole other cup of tea. I have not seen or read anything proving to me that aliens are anything more than the product of fanciful imaginations. God & religion are "faith based", I do not feel that aliens are "faith based". The fact that people are trying to turn aliens into a new faith-based religion will be the ruin of the whole topic of ufology. Oh and the reason I don't believe in man-made religion is because I ask(ed) questions, and things just don't add up in religion or in the bible in my opinion.

You seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time telling me I keep my eyes closed - well feel free to open them for me. However like all those who preach aliens & use it as a faith based religion, you can't - because you have no solid answers. (Neither does religion by the way which is why I put my faith in God, not the religions made by man).

When I'm given something substantial to go on, I'll take you up on your offer of questions. As it stands, its the channelers & faith-based-alien-lover religions who are making a mockery of the true study of ufology & alienology.

You also make the assumption that I immediately dismissed the concept of channeling - I didn't. For years I studied everything I could relating to it. As you can see, it hasn't impressed me. Anyone can lay down on a couch & pretend to utter words & claim an alien is giving them those words.

I'll end my portion of this discussion with this point: as long as we live in a world that requires proof, expect to give proof when making claims & accusations.


Re: Alien Channeling
Post by starbound on Apr 29th, 2004, 5:11pm

For one I do not endeaver in the alien based religions. On another not I was not mixing God and aliens, I was like u making an analogy. I like how when I offer to answer these so called questions that ppl put off you come up with a way to workd around that. Now the story has changed. It's not up to me to open your eyes, or to open others as well, that's up to you smiley It's also seems evident that you also play out such issues like many others, as your defensive level is rising smiley I, like many others feel why does one get defensive, or offended on such issues, must stand for something aye? I've got nothing to defend, or to prove to anyone smiley I was simply entering into a conversation, figured I would pick up where u say many others stop. You wanted answers, ppl run u sayhuh Some offers to give some insight, and what do you do, again change it to seem in your favor. It's a never ending cycle, the main character behind conflicts,wars, etc. etc. Follow what you feel, and noone can tell you you are wromg if that feels right to you. You are not held to prove what you feel, or say is real. So if it feels right to you that's great smiley But do give cation to others feelings, and don't tell them they are wrong because they cannot give what you require as proof smiley It's very nice to hear your feelings on God and religion, a very receptive approach.
May life to be fruitful and enlightening for you smiley
Best Regards, Jim
Re: Alien Channeling
Post by jenny on Apr 29th, 2004, 5:47pm

My defensive level is hardly rising LMAO, please read the other posts of mine on these boards. My points are this: you do not offer any insights to me, or at least you have not yet. All you have managed to do is question the fact that I question. Sorry, but if you're so eager to believe what others tell you I have some oceanfront property in Phoenix that's for sale. Otherwise all you're doing is wasting my time. You've said nothing of consequence whatsoever, rather you are trying to make yourself sound like a guru of some sort. I'm starting to wonder if this is more personal for you than anything else. You keep mentioning "answers" but I've yet to see anything other than verbal swordplay by you.

And I stand by my point - god & aliens don't mix. You're trying to combine 2 different conversations. But it seems you are trying to play word games & enjoying yourself while doing it. Please either enlighten us with your wisdom or move on to other topics.

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by starbound on Apr 29th, 2004, 7:27pm

Here's the thing, you are taking my words and using them as u wish. I am not mixing the 2. And I am not trying to be a guru of some kind. You may think what u want I don't believe things easily, I believe what I experience. If something is similar I can comprehend it.
You are getting defensive, your accusations prove it smiley Turning the blame over to someone else, in this case this person happens to me smiley I'm not playing games smiley I already made my status clear smiley All I offered was my experience on like matters smiley So why not stop accusing me, turning your faults to look like mine. I also ended my posts very positive, and the 'words' I use in them.
So if i am the one being so defensive then why are your posts full of such negative thingssmiley Also I sure would take time to answer some of those questions u so much wanted to ask, but when I stated that U ducked it quicklysmiley And also channeling doesn't just involve, one to lay down on a couch, go into a trance and this being talks through them smiley If you truley would like questions not to be avoided then ask them of me and I will answer them from my experiences(not hear say) If not I will give in to what u want and u can have the last word smiley Jim
Re: Alien Channeling
Post by Jenna on Aug 11th, 2004, 4:55pm

Ah... new here,but what is alien channeling? undecided
Re: Alien Channeling
Post by jenny on Aug 11th, 2004, 5:55pm

Hi & welcome to the board! Alien channeling is when a human being allegedly goes into some sort of meditative trance, and an alien communicates thru them. You may have heard of a medium? Or like at a seance, when a dead person is supposed to talk thru the medium/channeler? Well alien channeling is the same thing only with aliens.

Re: Alien Channeling
Post by Jenna on Aug 12th, 2004, 3:05pm

Oh!! shocked Thats hard to believe.
Re: Alien Channeling
Post by gl2 on Sep 19th, 2006, 6:53pm

Alien info is very different from the Bible, my friend. It includes info about science, history, other planets and their populations--none of which is competently discussed in the Bible. For some the Bible is everything, but aliens discuss a much larger set of interactions. And alien channeling is a misnomer, in most cases. I've interacted with aliens but it isn't channeling. It's simple telepathy, for which there's a good scientific basis. See my book on such subjects, http://www.eyepod.org/AM-0-Index.html which can be read free. It's called Alien Mind - a Primer. I've been interviewed on Coast to Coast by George Noory and the Jerry Pippin show about the book.

Channeling is when some other entity takes over your body and speaks through you---it could be a dead person or some unknown. Telepathy is very different. From my book:

In their interactions with humans, aliens are good observers. To some extent, all are studied scientists. More importantly, all aliens who visit this planet are skilled in telepathy, the ability to not only read another's thoughts, but to communicate complex, diagrammatic information in ways that often astound the human initiate. As such, they can see through humans with a kind of extra-dimensional insight. To do so is the norm, not the exception among alien societies. They're able to do so for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, telepathy is possible via a brain's propagation of extremely low frequency waves (human brain frequencies are e.l.f. and higher). Research has shown that extremely low frequency waves can pass straight through the body of a human (or alien) and through other dense structures. Why? Because an atom is mostly just a void of seemingly empty space. The nucleus of an atom can be compared to a small, bizarrely fluctuating pea situated at mid-field in a large football stadium, while the electron is but a tiny micro-dot located way out in the furthest bleachers. So, some kinds of energy waves can pass through an atom easily. As was documented in a series of groundbreaking experiments done under carefully controlled conditions at the Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto during the 1970's, people can remotely view a distant person's perceptions, effectively reading another person's thoughts.

Some researchers tend to confuse alien telepathy with “channeling.” David Jacobs, PhD, defines channeling as when “a person in a self-altered state of consciousness believes he/she is receiving communication from an unseen spirit or entity who answers questions or imparts wisdom.” Some channelers speak of contacting ghosts or spirits from another time. Meanwhile, telepathy is starkly different--in that it happens in real-time and always involves at least some remotely visual aspects. Basic telepathy allows an individual to neatly identify the other individual(s) with whom he/she is communicating. It’s a nearly-immediate exchange in which the mind’s vocal and other physical characteristics (of all participant) are clearly manifest, due to intricate mind-body networking. Advanced technology may be used to try to secure an alien telepath from unwanted probing, yet the individual is always clearly identifiable to those who are practiced in telepathy.

Some, like Jacobs, are skeptical of telepathy because it isn’t private, or because it can apparently navigate faster-than-light fluctuations in space-time. Meanwhile, much of Jacobs’ abduction research is premised on alien statements communicated telepathically to abductees. In some cases, however, telepathy may be abused by aliens in the same way that propagandists use neuro-linguistic programming.

The best defense? An educated awareness.

So, how can we tell the difference between human and alien telepathy? To begin with, we must be able to sort out our own thoughts from those of another human. In telepathic interactions, the initiate must first become sensitized to the difference between his or her own active thought processes and his/her more quiet states of mind. As Russell Targ, PhD in physics, writes, in order to recognize message content from an external source, one must be able to make one's mind essentially blank. Targ likens this state of mind to stilled water, or a dark, black screen. As such, we can discern the thoughts of others, which are unlike our own. They are out of character. They have a different internal tenor and may contain information and images entirely new to the receiver. If the initiate cannot still his or her mind, he or she may not be able to make such distinctions. *Targ trained hundreds of remote viewers for the US government.

One must first become skilled at noting the difference between one's own thoughts, which are subtler and more gently inter-dimensioned, versus one's own thoughts that have a nearly audio-like verbal character. Some of our thoughts are framed in terms of how they might later be spoken, while others are more complex and may converge from a number of different internal perspectives. Once the initiate can do so, he or she will know his or her own internal tenor. Thoughts communicated by an external source may have a more audio-like, verbal character. They may diverge from the receiver's accustomed way of thinking, hence they are out of character. They stand out.

When we mull an idea over, we tend to examine it from a variety of perspectives, which have a soft and familiar precision in our minds. A kind of internal dialogue may go on, yet we’re in complete control of it. A telepathically communicated message will diverge from the receiver's precise internal configuration. It will seem different in a number of ways. More skilled telepathic communicators can carefully monitor a receiver's thoughts in order to pose certain ideas at fairly natural-seeming junctures, yet, once the receiver is able to still his or her own mind, he or she will note that the external source communicates in a way that is unlike the receiver.

Over time, one gets a feel for how other humans think. This is important because when an alien comes into the mix, as may happen, the alien's thoughts will be strikingly different from those of the receiver. The alien will begin from a more scientifically and telepathically advanced frame of reference. To the human receiver, the complexity and the insights conveyed by the alien will seem unusually intelligent, highly profound and different. Focused alien telepathy tends to arrive in imagery that is subtler and more complex, with softer outlines than the thought of a typical human. To the human initiate, such thoughts may seem like surpassing genius, which they are, in a sense. Telepathically communicated alien thoughts may involve a variety of new ideas and artistic-seeming details, an astounding inventiveness--sometimes even a complex kind of humor.

As abduction researcher David Jacobs puts it, “The aliens communicate telepathically with humans and with each other. When (human) abductees describe the communication process, they say they receive an impression in their minds that they automatically convert into their own words for comprehension.” (The Threat, p. 95). Abductee “Karin” told Harvard psychiatrist and abduction researcher Dr. John Mack about alien telepathy: “Do you know what telepathy is? People say it’s the ability to hear somebody’s thoughts, like you can hear inside their heads. But that’s not (merely) what telepathy is. It’s a resonation… We’re so telepathic on a normal everyday basis.” (Passport to the Cosmos, p. 71)

If telepathy of an alien sort occurs in your life, you may want to inquire as to who it is and why they are communicating with you. If you receive answers that are definitely not you, not your way of thinking--and you’re sure of it, you may engage in a kind of dialogue. Chances are it won’t be entirely verbal. Why? Because aliens think in terms of a highly complex, if not multi-dimensional geometry. Mathematicians call such geometry "topology." Topology is the geometry of elastic, flowing form (and extra-dimensional connectedness). Aliens model their thoughts to both mirror, and dimension through, the elastic, ever-flowing forms of the quantum continuum. Aliens think in terms of multiple thresholds lying in between every single quantum particle (or energy packet)---unlike most humans, who tend to think that an electron is an electron, a distinct thing, of sorts. Within those multiple thresholds lying between, if not virtually connecting all quanta, aliens look for information content that is often non-local in character (smeared out and around). Apparently, aliens can feel into such a space (an extra dimension fluctuating within such intervals) and can discern information content.

Now, here's a critical bit of information for you to consider, a tested and important check that you can do if you ever interact with an alien. Dimensioned within those same multiple thresholds between all quanta (and between thoughts---in any space whatsoever) are trace aspects of a larger, sentient awareness (i.e. the origin of an idea, the previously encountered thought interactions surrounding it). Aliens are aware that, to a certain extent, their internal "view" into or across such thresholds involves a more deeply dimensioned kind of scrutiny in return. It has to do with the non-local character of time, the ability of more advanced minds to sample such thresholds and be aware in much larger terms. Any good alien knows that in some vague way, their reach into and across such a thought threshold is either known, or can be known in return. There may be more extra intelligence looking back inward than is involved in the alien's looking outward (or looking beyond the human's lesser perspective).

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Post by simon on Oct 30th, 2006, 10:03pm

hi jenny - i guess what is so difficult to pass through with fact or fiction on the topic is we can't rule out the greatest fault in the system. The mind itself.

What did you have to eat 100 days ago - if you didn't write it down? I know I couldn't answer that to you with "concrete" evidence but it doesn't make the event any less real. It's like the movie/book 12 angry men - without a certain doubt in our mind can we convict men and women of crimes...but its the point of valid proof that is stored in our mind.

In a court of law - evidence is winning poker hand - or lack there of.

If that were true, why do we have lawyers? Why don't we just lay the evidence there and lay claim to the judge. Why do we have a jury? Maybe thats why the "channelers" only prevail to the willing - it's not worth the battle to a doubtful jury when your life may be at stake? I don't know....

If evidence is all that matters, there would be no law - and no goverment. And I think that's something important to remember - it might be why we need to channel in the first place. To cause doubt, to make us question ourselves. Maybe THAT is the point of channeling?

I'm glad you doubt the channelers without concrete purposeful answers - it is a complete right. I doubt them too - it seems simple enough to put 2 and 2 together and ask simple "Why" questions. But when your dealing with the mind - even the slightest shift of attention or distraction can make you lose your concentration. I guess - I never try to solve a problem with why, I ask how. It's what my physics teacher told me what was the most important.

just my humble addition. Please, no hard feelings to anyone. I like it here smiley

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Post by astrobiology on Feb 4th, 2007, 3:09pm

A great alien engineer once wrote:

"It's a conspircacy inside a conspiracy wrapped inside a government agenda!"
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Post by wyakot on Jun 14th, 2007, 04:32am

TEXT I have met several channelers over the years and they all failed to convince.. Long dead spirits from Lemuria-Atlantis-Egypt there "teachings" sounding like Buddism,Hinduism and 60's hippie philosophy ad nuaseum..