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Alien dreams
Post by Abducti01 on Mar 13th, 2004, 04:08am

Has anyone noticed that when you dream of Alien activity, you wake in your dream to see it,then wake fully and recall it? I have had such dreams, where im aware of everything and seeing much in a semi dream state. After one of those dreams, 2 of my children had been in it as well, when they both woke,they talked about the very same things ,at different times of the morning!! In this one, my daughter and I were on a table of sorts,and there were wires coming off both of us, i recalled my son was very upset and wanted to go home!! When i woke at 4 am, i couldn't shake that feeling of being paralized and helpless, or of seeing those huge black eyes staring through me as if reading me inside out!!I never went back to sleep, when my son woke in the morning,he came to me and said that we were on tables with wires and that the Aliens made him come home and he wanted to stay with us up there!! when i asked him about who the us was,he said it was chrissie the daughter that was in my dreams.
About 2 hours after my son went off to school, chrissie woke and came to me shook to the bone and said that she and I were on tables and she had more wires on then i did!! both kids drew a picture of the wires in different rooms, when they brought them to me.They matched exact!!!! Within 3 days of that dream,my daughter developed arithmia and had to have a heart ablation done, i had to have tests done for rapid heart rate, we ended up side by side for our tests!
We all shared that dream and the details were exact! anyone have any thoughts on this please share!!
I still have those pictures and wish i could share them with you!! embarassed
Re: Alien dreams
Post by jenny on Mar 13th, 2004, 07:16am

Is it possible your dreams were of a psychic nature rather than an abduction? I only ask b/c I find it odd that you & your daughter both ended up in a hospital (as in your dream) within a few days.

Re: Alien dreams
Post by Abducti01 on Mar 13th, 2004, 08:12am

Hi Jen,
Actually I thought that at first too, but we all saw the Aliens and My husband that night had heard shuffling of multi feet,tried to wake himself and couldn't move. In other encounters we had, The Aliens seem to point to problems, for instance, my Son Andrew put a handle bar through his leg, it entered in the front and almost exited out the back of his leg, 2 hospitals and 3 surgeries and it continued to go bad! Andrew woke one night at 3 AM. to see the Aliens standing around his bed,he was un able to move,my son in law was sleeping in his room to help him up and down in bed, Andrew watched as they moved steve out of their way, the next thing he recalled was waking up and finding all the dressings on his leg removed and folded next to him! within 24 hours his leg reopened and We rushed him to the hospital,there, the Dr's said part of his bluejeans was at the edge of the wound, they had not seen it there before, Andrew went into surgery one more final time and the leg healed well after!! One of the dr's commented that it was as if someone drew a circle around the problem so it could be found! My son fears the Aliens but will tell you himself that "they " let that be found! He feels that they are doing maintainance on all of us, not so much because they care,but for their own reasons!
In the case of the heart troubles, Im sure they found the troubles before the earth Dr's did ! I would love to think it was as easy as premonitions!