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Reality in our universe Part 1
Post by Noah on Nov 21st, 2003, 06:14am

I read another book with a similar theory that was actually quite fascinating. I'll be looking into getting this one too. It sounds interesting to say the least.



Behind the Veil Part II
Is our version of reality only a small facet of a bizarre universe?
Dateline: Wednesday, November 19, 2003

By: Phenomena News Editor

Last week I talked about the controversial ideas of Jacques Vallee and John Keel regarding UFO (or Vallee's UAP) sightings, and how they may actually be a manifestation of intelligences from other dimensions, or states of being. However, this is only one aspect of the UFO phenomenon. Generally the UFO community is grouped into two distinct areas of experience - those that have sightings, and those that have contact. The major sub-set of the latter is comprised of individuals
who state that they have been abducted by alien beings.

One of the most common abduction scenarios follows this line: the subject wakes to find themselves paralysed, they are then 'taken' into a spaceship, and undergo medical/psychological testing procedures...these are quite often invasive and many have also reported that 'implants' were put into their bodies. They are then returned to the point of abduction, although this is not always the rule - some individuals have been found wandering lost and confused. Abductees have described the 'aliens' in many ways, but
probably the most common is illustrated superbly in the cover art to Whitley Strieber's book COMMUNION - what is now commonly referred to as a 'Grey'. Other types include 'Nordic' entities, and reptilian/insectoid creatures. Now, while abductions have generally been reported as an unwanted phenomenon - the onset of which seems to have little rhyme or reason - a recent study has shown that a similar experience can be 'induced' through the use of a psychedelic drug.

From 1990 to 1995, Dr Rick Strassman conducted DEA-approved research on one of the most powerful psychedelics - DMT. During his study, undertaken at the University of New Mexico, Dr Strassman injected sixty volunteers with the naturally occurring entheogen, which is present in many plants (being a major component of the South American
shaman's brew ayahuasca) and is even manufactured by the human brain. His account of the study, with astonishing reports of volunteers meeting 'alien' entities, was published in his book DMT: THE SPIRIT MOLECULE.

During the research study, volunteers reported that after large doses of DMT, there was basically a complete transformation - this world disappeared and they were suddenly in another. Though not a ubiquitous feature, many times the volunteers reported being set upon by the entities which inhabited these spaces:

The first thing I noticed was a burning in the back of my neck.
Then there was this loud intense hum. It was like the fan at first,
but separate. It began engulfing me. I let go into it and then...WHAM!

I felt like I was in an alien laboratory, in a hospital bed like
this, but it was over there. A sort of landing bay area, or recovery area. There were beings. I was trying to get a handle on what was going on. I was being carted around. It didn't look alien, but their sense of purpose was...they had a space ready for me. They weren't as surprised as I was...there was one main creature, and he seemed to be behind it all, overseeing everything. The others were orderlies, or dis-orderlies.

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Re: Reality in our universe Part 2
Post by Noah on Nov 21st, 2003, 06:15am

(cont. from previous post)

For Dr Strassman, the reports of his research subjects were
unsettling, and slowly lead to a change of thinking on his part. Where before he thought in terms of 'hallucinations', after the study he thought of the experience more as changing channels in consciousness. The reasons why he could no longer dismiss the entities as hallucinations were manifold - the commonality of the entities (regularly volunteers described them as
insects/reptiles/elves/clowns), the overwhelming reality of the
experience, and the fact that the events in this 'other' space seemed to carry on regardless of the volunteers:

The concept of these different levels of reality permeating and
suffusing ours leads us next to the surprisingly common report by the volunteers that "They were expecting me," "They welcomed me back." The beings are at home working in this environment, and "it's business as usual" for them. We, on the other hand, can only gape slack-jawed in awe, barely able to respond.

Strassman notes that, according to abduction research John Mack, most abductions take place in the early morning hours - a time at which the pineal gland is most active. He proposes that DMT is produced within the pineal naturally, giving access to those same realms which his study volunteers visited.

While Dr Strassman's research was DEA-approved and done in a
scientific setting, there are of course numerous individuals who have used DMT for their own personal exploration.
The Archaic Revival
One of the most well-known proponents of the personal use of DMT was the late Terence McKenna. His description of the entities as "self-transforming machine elves" (also "tykes") has become a standard designation. It is interesting to read his account of the 'journey' from this world to the 'other':

There's this feeling which comes over your body - half arousal,
half anaesthesia. The air appears to suddenly have been sucked out of the room because all the colors brighten visibly, as though some intervening medium has been removed. And then there's a sound, like a piece of bread wrapper or cellophane being scrunched up and thrown away...a membrane is being ripped; something is being torn. And then there is a total (what Mircea Eliade called in a wonderful phrase) "a complete rupture of the mundane plane".

It is interesting to read McKenna's account above, and also the same detail appears in numerous accounts from Dr Strassman's DMT: THE SPIRIT MOLECULE and also in DMT trip reports (on websites like the awesome Vaults of Erowid) - the onset is proclaimed loudly by a 'buzzing', 'ringing', 'tearing' or 'roaring wind' sound. This factor ties the experience into other experiences such as the NDE, the shamanistic journey, and rites of ceremonial magick. But that will have to wait for next week.