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Feb 22nd, 2018, 3:52pm

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xx Astronauts families threatened: no talk about UFO'
« Thread started on: Sep 19th, 2006, 4:43pm »

On Sept. 10, Steven Greer had this to say on Art Bell.

From the C2C website:

"Founder of the Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven Greer shared secretive information about the ET presence, that he said has come to him from corroborated sources. One of his associates, who worked with Neil Armstrong at Purdue, said that Armstrong told him once they stepped out of the lunar module on the moon, they were literally surrounded by ET vehicles. Further, Armstrong was approached to be part of the Disclosure Project in 1997, BUT DECLINED OVER THREATS THAT HIS FAMILY WOULD BE KILLED, SAY GREER, who commented that fear and intimidation have kept many witnesses from coming forward."

Wait a minute! Neil Armstrong's family threatened with death if he spoke? Sounds like the Soviet Union or Hitler's Germany. What is going on?

How can a supposed democracy be so corrupt and repressive? If we read between the lines, we can see that the US has been overthrown by some kind of mafia that threatens heroes' families like Hussein threatened Kurds. Why?

What threat do clean-cut heros pose to the secret sub-culture that's trying to shut down the story about aliens? Is is because a hero could tell the truth and be believed more than a stooge like Bush who is trotted out to lie and cover it all up?

And what's wrong with people knowing about aliens? Is it because the cabal that threatens a mafia-like fate for people's families is compromised by the abductors? Michael Salla's thesis is exactly that. Salla thinks that the cabal has been led into a little kitty basket and addicted to the abductors' technology, and now, they're so deeply implicated in crimes that the same aliens can both blackmail them and keep them stringing along for token technology.

Worse yet, possession of such technology makes them think they can secretly control the whole world, hence laws no longer matter. And what else follows when an elite cabal thinks that the Constitituion is just a farce? Stolen electronic elections? Murder of witnesses?

Anything goes. But think about it: it's like the Catholic Church still denying that Galileo was right---500 years afterward.

In other words, it's no longer about aliens and the public's reaction because the majority already think aliens are here, says a 2002 Roper poll. It's about extremes of corruption, blackmailed elitists, and others, like DuPonts and Rockefeller who seem to work more for the abductors' goals than human preferences. Laundered drug money, CIA and intel narco trafficking on a huge scale (see ), it's all part of a secret empire of corruption that involves sex slavery and child abductions, bribes to politicians, and a US cabal that's worse than old royal courts. They're so far from psychological norms that they don't think we're even real---instead, we're all considered servile lessers.

In the old days, such regimes were either overthrown in revolutions or finished off by a competing monarchy. But now, mass media can put out brainwash that makes it all seem unreal.

Space aliens and government trafficking of narcotic!?! See that sneer on Bush's face? *His father is one of the worst of them.

Does it get worse, or does it get better as we slouch toward ecological near-death?

It doesn't change at all if you don't do something.

The biggest news of our time, and it's all denied as though ridiculous. Meanwhile, Neil Armstrong tells Steven Greer they threatened to kill his family...

Is there anything you can do to help break the news, any way to pass the story on to others?

If, as Budd Hopkins and Michael Salla suggest, the cabal is blackmailed, if not complicit with the abducting aliens, then the alien goal is CONTROL OF US and our resources, a loss of human freedoms. It's a cold-blooded scheme rife with coldly detached aliens who eliminated basic emotions from their makeup, long ago. Of course they use breeding program operatives to further the agenda--it's a more efficient way to gain their objectives!

Under a regime of idiot propaganda, we're extremely vulnerable. Europeans see our media as simple-minded: Katie Couric's hairdo and her co-anchors' feel-good postures, coverup of the biggest stories (might cause a little ouch on Wall St.), an incompetent president who brags about spying on millions of US citizens.

The perils of trying to live a flatland material lifestyle result in a greater vulnerability to similarly shallow aliens. They can bait inbred elite actors into fatal traps and a Big Brother regime, in our case a friendly kind of fascism. If you don't see beyond material pretensions and fight to help the planet survive, some aliens don't care if your planet dies---it would become a threat to them, otherwise.

So, how to move the public to a higher kind of awareness? Bit by bit, exposure after exposure. Once the story gets out clearly, right and left will unite against breeding program operatives who scheme to ruin all hope of human self determination. It has THE MOST REVOLUTIONAY POTENTIAL in all human history.

Speak the truth, but probe old assumptions and draw out the scheme for others to see. The US and other countries are well-primed to rebel against such oppression.

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