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Jan 22nd, 2018, 3:07pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: Dream + alien + missing time = cell phone to prove  (Read 2839 times)
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xx Dream + alien + missing time = cell phone to prove
« Thread started on: Nov 15th, 2004, 02:06am »

Just so you guys know - this is long, but I have to tell someone. I feel like i'm freaking out here. My best friend doesn't believe me, but I think I'm right.

Alright guys and gals, if you would - please find your nearest cell phone and look at the time. I'm pretty sure it says the time - now - on some phones, like mine, it is controlled by sprint. And will reset itself automatically when in the "digital" area - meaning I never have to set it. Other phones however, do not reset themselves, aka they are embeded on the phone itself and not "digitally" reset. This is the basis of a very, very strange set of events that happened to me, the morning of November 2nd, 2004.

Well, first off, my name is simon. You can call me simon. My story starts off with me telling you about my birthday. I'm born on October 31st. Yes, Halloween. I'm 22 and live in Plymouth, MN with my dog Oscar. My best friend, is named Breanna. She is with me more than anyone I know. Alright, lets begin. Maybe I'm freaking out - or maybe who knows.

Sunday, October 31st - I drive to wisconsin to pick up some alchohol for a fun night of drinking with my friend breanna, seth, and soby. Why wisconsin? Liqour stores aren't open Sundays in MN. And it's my birthday. Turns out - seth and soby can't make it. Thats fine - they will come over on monday night instead.

Monday evening comes, I pick up seth. We start drinking. Breanna, Seth and I are pretty drunk when Soby arrives - bringining more alchohol. Seth gets wasted, Soby drives him home. This is around 2:00 in the morning. Breanna and I continue to drink - and drink until around 4 am. We decide to go to the bedroom. I was making fun of her because she was trying to take off her bra without taking off her shirt. She gets mad at me for laughing - she heads to the couch. Doesn't bother me - more of the bed for me. And then here's where stuff starts to get funny.

Breanna, before she went out to the couch in the living room - left her cell phone on my dresser, whilst mine was on the coffee table. Last time I looked at the clock was in the kitchen - it read 4:35am. I go to sleep - and have the craziest dream.

The dream - was this. In a nutshell - I "capture" this female alien. By capture I mean that she was chasing my friends and I, but she was invisible - but her shadow would show. I, launched myself at the source of the shadow and "caught" her. She had mostly human features, but her face was more pale. She had greenish/bluish dots. Long blonde hair. The one thing I can't remember is her eyes. Anyways - to make a long dream very short - she was trying to teach me her language - and it was funny because I could hardly pronounce any of it. It was like russian to me - so she got upset and jumped out the window. (this takes place in a "house" i have never seen before). And I was like "whoa, wait up!" and she said, and I quote. "No. Don't move, I'll be right back for you....."

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Yeah, I'm waking up to Breanna's cell phone vibrating - then ringing because someone is trying to call her. I know it's early in the morning, and this is not my cellphone, so I don't answer it - I click the side button to shut the ringer off. I realize that i have to pee like a mother - so I head to the bathroom. I remember all of this clearly. VERY cleary. I walk out of the bathroom, get a glass of water. The clock on the microwave says 6:07. I'm very tired, I want to sleep. I head back to my bed, breanna's cell phone is blinking at a fast rate, meaning someone has left a message. I lay in bed and fall like a brick to sleep.

I'm waking up to my dog whining at me to go to the bathroom. It's 10:57 in the morning. I get up. Bre is still on the couch. I yell to her that someone tried to call her and left a message. I take out oscar. I come back in. The person who tried to call her was her fathers cell phone at 5:46 am according to her missed call log. The message - was static noise, some people talking in the background and a lot of rustling. She told me that he had probably accidentaly called her while he was warming up his truck for work, because he normally goes to work at this time. I'm like ok. She deletes the message. We get ready, and head to lunch.

At lunch I tell her of my dream. She thinks I'm crazy. And i'm like, well - it is kinda creepy that I woke up to someone trying to contact SOMEONE. Granted, it's her phone. I asked her to see if she talked to her dad, and see what he wanted. She calls him up to ask.

Her father tells her that he didn't call her, nor her mother. He tells her that he didn't even wake up that morning until 6:30. The cell phone is stored in the Kitchen drawer.

It is now, Tuesday, November 2nd. Election day. I don't vote because I didn't care. blah, spare me. I don't watch sports for the same reason. Breanna heads up to her parents house so she could vote - and I tell her to check her dads cell phone to see if "it" accidentaly called her. I head to work and await the news.

Breanna calls me back and tells me this. That her dads cell phone indeed called her phone. Her dads phone read in the call list that it dialed her number - at 6:03 am. Breanna's cellphone reports that it was 5:46 am. On arriving - both cell phones read the same time. 8:14 pm, November 2nd. 2004.

Part two - the very next day - November 3rd, 2004. My cell phone was off the entire night before because it died at work when i was talking on it - and when I got home, I just put it on the charger, next to my bed. I go to take my DMV test to get my Minnesota DL. I turn off my cell phone durning the test because its rude to have a cellphone on during tests. I take the test, get outside, turn my phone back on. It says I have one new voicemail. I listen to it, it's from my sister.

"Hey simon, did you try calling Jason's number at like 5:30 this morning? Because it says you did, and it sounds like your voice, and you must been having a good time because its sounds like your at a party with the people laughing and screaming. Anyways...."

I don't have Jasons number in my phone.
My phone was off.
Her phone says, on her call log that I had called her at 5:38 am.

1) "dream" of alien contact.
2) Missing time of at least 15 minutes.
3) Cell phone nearest working electronic device to me (my clock cord is broken and my watch was in the bathroom)
4) TIME on breanna's phone is set manually, and not by the network.
5) Breanna's father's cellphone time is set by the network.
4) My cell phone - next to me next night - calling a number I don't have stored in my phone (and i don't even know it) while turned off the entire night, leaving a "long static, laughing, screaming voicemail."

Come to your own conclusions. I would like input here, and if possible, maybe someone with a similar experience in the area recently. I'm not saying I was "abducted" but something very strange is going on here.

Call me crazy, I just told it as it is. Reply if you want. And thanks for reading.
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Even dreams are real in an unreal world.
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