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Mar 23rd, 2018, 04:55am

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 thread  Author  Topic: Missing Time, Helicopters, and Hard Drives  (Read 2569 times)
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xx Missing Time, Helicopters, and Hard Drives
« Thread started on: Apr 3rd, 2004, 2:06pm »

Ok, this is a long story, but please bear with me.

In the summer of 2003 I had a few days of odd events that began with some “missing time.” These events could all be completely coincidental and completely unconnected. I’m just going to put them all down in writing here and ask if anyone has any input, ideas, or advice.

The “missing time” occurred last summer while on a long road trip. I was traveling from Madison to visit family in the south. Just for fun, I was planning on stopping in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, to see the site of the “Mothman” scare of the late 60s. It was going to be my first “paranormal tourism” trip. I made online reservations at a motel near there a few days before I left.

I usually take Interstate 39 south to Interstate 80, follow that east to Interstate 65 and then go south through Indiana. It’s a little out of my way, but I avoid the traffic jams I always seem to get snarled in when I drive through Chicago. This leg of the trip usually takes me about 3 ½ hours. I left at noon.

I remember stopping once, briefly, near Belvidere, Illinois. Later I hit a major traffic jam on I-80 near Gary, Indiana. It struck me then that it was 5:30 PM. Although I could only have stopped for a few minutes, that part of the drive had taken two hours longer than it should have. I really didn’t give it much thought at the time. I was more frustrated than puzzled, because I knew I had another nine or ten hours to drive. As I drove south through Indiana, I felt completely exhausted, as though I’d been driving all day already.

I decided it was getting too late to take my side trip to Point Pleasant, so I cancelled my reservations and headed for my hometown instead. I arrived at my parent’s house late that night. All night I kept waking up because my right arm had fallen asleep. I kept having dreams that my arm had been partially replaced with a mechanical arm.

A few nights later I went to have dinner with my sister. She lives in your typical suburban neighborhood. As I came out of her house to go back to my parents’, a helicopter was flying around, sweeping the area with it’s bright, blue-white spotlight beam. It swept across the hood of my car as it went by, then moved on. I thought nothing of it, just assumed the police were looking for someone in the neighborhood. I got in my car and drove through the ‘burbs to my parents’ home. When I parked my car there, I saw the helicopter, or one just like it, hovering over the parking lot of the condo complex next door, again with the spotlight beam. Since I was only a few miles from my sister’s, I figured this was just part of the same police search. After all, I was in the same general area.

Later that night, I went downtown to meet some friends. This was a good 20-minute drive away, completely across town from where my parents and sister live. While driving through the downtown, a spotlight beam from the sky suddenly swept across my hood. Another chopper! There was a fire truck and a police car down a side street, and my friends just assumed the helicopter’s presence had something to do with that. But this was starting to seriously freak me out.

The next night I went to visit another friend. As I was leaving, we stood on his porch and I told him about the helicopters the night before. There was a small plane flying by, I lost track of it because some trees were in the way. We were talking and laughing about the whole thing, writing it off as just coincidence and making X-Files jokes. Then the small plane shot over his house at treetop level. It had cut it’s engine and was gliding over, with a bright white beam shining down from beneath the nose. Now we weren’t laughing anymore.

That was the end of my encounters with odd aircraft.

At the end of my week’s vacation, I drove home to Madison without incident. I went in and tried to get online and check my backlog of emails. My computer informed me that it could not find it’s hard drive.
I’m not exactly an expert on computers, so I called a friend who is “Could be anything, it could even be a loose wire,” he said. I opened it up and tightened all the connections. When I fired it up again, it worked fine. It’s never had any such problems before or since. Something had come loose, which didn’t make a lot of sense, since the computer had been turned off and sitting in a locked, unused apartment for a week.

I found myself in a very positive, happy mood for the rest of 2003. But the whole thing still strikes me as weird. How did that trip take me so long? Where did those two hours go? And what was with the choppers and my hard drive being disconnected? Anybody got any ideas?
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xx Re: Missing Time, Helicopters, and Hard Drives
« Reply #1 on: Oct 20th, 2004, 5:42pm »

I have had similar experience.... I was home for the weekend my parents went on like a short holiday only for the long weekend. By the way I am a 4th year Chemical Engineering student and live in South Africa. Anyway…Some of my friends were over at my house and we were having a hell of a party we were drunk as hell.

The Saturday morning most of us woke up and cleaned up a little and then the guys left. I can remember I was laying on the couch watching a rugby game, it started 15:30. I fell asleep and woke up Monday night 18:25. in other words I was gone for Saturday night, the whole Sunday and woke up on Monday. Some of the guys that was partying there came back on Saturday night and said that I was not there and that they knocked repeatedly. I was still tired and it felt like I was asleep for 5min.

I kept on having this weird dreams for about a week or so afterwards but eventually it stopped. I have never used drugs or anything in my life as some of my buddies blamed it on.

I want to know what happened to the lost time?

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