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Mar 20th, 2018, 06:01am

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xx Presenting Children during abductions
« Thread started on: Mar 21st, 2004, 03:30am »

Hi all,
I wanted to share this with you,hope you all bare with me.

During one of my recalls of events.I was in a room that appeared to be a round hospital room,there were 3 levels the top 2 i never recall seeing what was there,but the lower level contained beds the looked like surgery tables,on each of them was a child ,all different ages. The children look weak and sick and very saddened,one of the taller beings was beside me walking around the floor not saying a word i can tell you,but letting me know I was intended to see this. I had the feeling I was there to try and make them well,by being Human or making them feel like i was there for them, all i wanted to do was grab them and run but i was not able to control my movements.Tubes filled with fluid seemed to run along all the walls to all the floors,but all came to the lower area some type of climate control was my opinion. There were large windows behind a small area i thought to be a hallway leading to yet another area unseen.As i looked out those windows,there were trees and ground but not like ours,dark and cold looking, beteween them in a scattered pattern were funnels,tornado like tubes that never shifted or moved away just spinning like a twister would,no sound no rain no elements we know go with it! I wanted so bad to run to find a way to get out and there was no openings to be found, the next thing i recalled was being led to a room with mud-xrays smocks(like those used to cover parts during xrays! i was told to put one on and stand by a couple that were seating, the woman was crying and looking at me for help. The husband was somber to say the least and very nervous. Then a female looking thin, pale with little hair but those intense black eyes that aliens have,said something to us without words i walked to a counter that was moving very slow and the couple followed me,something was about to come through a slot at one end! It was what appeared to be an infant,wrapped in a cacoon type blanket, The couple was now sobbing and refusing to pick it up,i walked over to it and lifted it to see, It was indeed a baby,looking rather human untill the eyes opened and its eyes were intense blue,no whites no black but mind boggling blue! I looked again at the couple and they still refused to touch it! i was shaken to the core as it dawned on me,we were there to cuddle babies to give them the human touch that makes a baby respond! I tried to speak out and my lips couldn't move,my heart was racing!! From that moment on my memories are gone, I cant recall how i got out of there or when i put the child down,just that those babies are human and not totally!! my heart wanted to feel but my mind rejected the thought it may be my own child i was holding,a breed being formed by the beings to study or use.
I woke up with leaves in my bed and around my room, and the feeling that I couldn't shake, I was being used to create a world I may never see again!!! I cried for hours!
If anyone has a thought on this i am open for answers! please let me know your thoughts, its been 12 years since that night and I cant stop thinking about it!
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