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Mar 24th, 2018, 7:32pm

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xx An experience that started long ago
« Thread started on: Nov 11th, 2003, 4:20pm »

I thought someone might be interested in this experience

The contacts occurred from 1968 at my parent's house where two of my old school friends would visit once or twice a week. We had been using the Ouija board for a week or two with some success. I have no idea how it works, but we did get some interesting results. One particular evening two of us were sitting there with our fingers on the pointer when it started to move very slowly and spelled the words, "Carantus Libius my name", so we asked the question "when did you die" and the reply was "I am not dead". We asked, "where do you live" and the reply was "in my body". After rephrasing the question he said the he lived on another planet. At this time we still regarded the Ouija board as an entertaining game, and at that age, not vary seriously. The contact then said that he had to go now but if we wanted him to he would fly over the next evening.
We couldn't resist this offer so we met the following evening to watch the sky. At about 9.30pm, a very bright silver/blue light flew directly over us at quite a high speed, a lot faster and brighter than a satellite (in those days there weren't many of them). We went back into the house to try the contact again and he was there, and a lot stronger. I suppose we still thought that this was all a joke being played on us, but it was fun.
These contacts and flyovers became quite a regular event, three or four times a week. After a few weeks he introduced us to his friend Saunus, and they would both fly over. Their culture is very different from ours and they became very interested in the family, as this doesn't happen in their society, there is no gender, they exude cells from their bodies and they are grown.
The whole family became involved, even my mother and aunt (who lived in the steam age) would contact Carantus and Saunus for conversations on their own. They are a very emotional people and a strong bond of friendship developed over the years. It's very difficult to explain the relationship because much of it was on a personal level and hard to put into words. They are mentally very powerful and communicate telepathically with each other. On one occasion they gave us an image implant of themselves, they are very impressive, they are tall, between six and nine ft. and muscular. Their complexion is pale and looks like it is stretched very tight, the scull is larger in proportion with shoulder length hair and almond shaped eyes, a mouth with no lips and heavy squared off jaw.
There were many contacts over the years but I think that I may have destroyed any credibility by telling this much. There are others involved..

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